Nigerian food for 1 year old baby & food timetable for toddlers in Nigeria.

A toddler is a baby between the age of 1 year to 3 years (12 – 36 months). This definition vary though as some paediatricians believe a toddler is a child between the age of 1- 4 years. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. The word is derived from “to toddle”, which means to walk unsteadily, like a child of this age.

This article will answer the following questions:

💠Healthy food for toddlers in Nigeria

💠Breakfast ideas for toddlers in Nigeria

💠Food timetable for a 2 year old baby in Nigeria

💠Food that makes baby fat in Nigeria

💠Nigeria recipe for school lunchbox

💠Natural baby food in Nigeria

💠Best cereal for Toddlers in Nigeria

💠Best cereals for babies in Nigeria

🔴Nigerian mealtime tips for your baby from 1 year!

👉Having his own bowl of food will help your child learn to feed himself.
👉Start as soon as he wants.
👉Give him all the food he needs and plenty of time to eat.
👉At first, he’ll be slow and messy.
👉Help him so that he gets most of the food in his mouth (instead of on himself or the floor).
👉Encourage him to finish it and make sure he has had enough.
👉Give your child lots of love and encouragement to eat during meal times.
👉Sit in front of him and make eye contact.
👉Interact with your child, smile at him, talk to him and praise him for eating.
👉Make the meal a happy time!

🤔🤔What to do when your child refuses to eat solid foods!

✅Make sure she is hungry at mealtimes and has not just had a snack.
✅Although breastfeeding continues to be healthy for your child, breastfeed her only after her meal.
✅At this age, she should eat solid food first.
✅Give your child healthy food that she likes or mix the food she likes with food she doesn’t like as much.
✅Try different food combinations and textures.
✅If she still refuses, don’t force or pressure her to eat, and don’t be tempted to give her junk food instead.
✅Be calm and accepting.
✅Give your child positive attention when she does eat, but don’t make it a problem when she doesn’t eat.
✅Just take the food away, cover it, and offer it to her again a bit later.

🤐🤐Foods to avoid

🚩Avoid junk food and soft drinks.
🚩Factory made snacks like crisps, cookies, cakes, soda and candy are unhealthy.
They all have high amounts of sugar, salt, fat and chemicals, and take up space in your child’s stomach that should be filled with nutritious foods.
Note :
👉Attach is a typical Nigerian home food time table for kids from 1-4 years (courtesy
👉Replace noodles with any other pasta of your choice.

Nigerian food for 1 year old baby & food timetable for toddlers in Nigeria
Nigerian food for 1 year old baby & food timetable for toddlers in Nigeria.


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