Nigerian foods to avoid when pregnant & Nigerian foods that cause miscarriage.

If you’re pregnant 🤰 women or planning on becoming pregnant, talk🗣️ with your doctor🩺 about proper nutrition🍱 including foods to avoid.🚫
Although ripe papaya can be a beneficial part of nutrition for pregnant women🤰, unripe papaya can be very dangerous⚠️. Some pregnant women continue to eat ripe papaya throughout their pregnancy. However, some women decide to eliminate⛔ all papaya from their diet until after they give birth, as there are many other sources of nutrition to enjoy safely during pregnancy.


Pregnant women should be extra careful about what they consume during pregnancy. Here are some foods you should avoid like the plague especially in early pregnancy.

Crab are loaded with nutrients, but they lead to a shrinking of the uterus. This could snowball into genital bleeding or miscarriage. Crabs have a high amount of cholesterol. Therefore, pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia should avoid it.

Women should avoid sipping on pineapple juice. The fruit could lead to contractions, which could lead to a miscarriage. Pineapple can also cause diarrhea or allergy. It contains bromelain which has the ability to soften the uterus and produce aborticide. After the first three months, pregnant women can indulge a little bit.

Papaya is deemed harmful for pregnant women, especially the green papaya variety. Unripe papaya is packed with enzymes that can trigger uterine contractions, leading to a miscarriage. Pregnant women should abstain from green papaya as it increases the miscarriage risk threefold.

❌Green Tea and Caffeine:
A cup of green tea contains 200gm of caffeine – therein lies the bitter truth. It seeps into the breast milk and can affect the baby. Coffee should also be part of ‘foods-not-to-eat-during-pregnancy’ list.

💠 ​Raw eggs
Pregnant women should avoid under-cooked food. Raw eggs or foods with raw eggs in them, like homemade mayonnaise, should be avoided. Make sure the egg white and egg yolk should become solid after you cook it. This will help prevent the potential risk of food poisoning and salmonella

Nigerian foods to avoid when pregnant & Nigerian foods that cause miscarriage.
Nigerian foods to avoid when pregnant.

❌Processed Meat:
Almost all kinds of processed meats, including stuffed foods, sausages etc, should not be consumed by pregnant women. The meat might contain artificial flavoring and color, thereby affecting the baby. Also, processed meat is stored for quite a long time in supermarkets, increasing the risk of a miscarriage.

❌Wild Apples:
Wild apples have a sour, bitter and sweet taste. This is a good reason why pregnant women like to munch on them. However, they are not good for you. They have the potential to ‘excite’ the uterus, leading to uterine contractions that cause premature birth and miscarriage.

Here are some other foods that you must avoid during the first month of pregnancy:

🤏 Do not consume unpasteurized juice, cider, and milk as they may contain E.coli or listeria bacteria, .

🤏Raw sprouts may contain E.coli salmonella.

🤏Luncheon meat and cold hotdogs are a good host for listeria.

🤏Avoid consumption of alcohol as it may affect fetal growth.

🤏Avoid fruits such as pineapple and raw papaya, which are known to induce contractions.

🤏Limit the intake of foods such as pastries, cakes, pies, processed meats, pizza, commercial burgers, and fried foods that may have high amounts of saturated fat.

🤏Limit the intake of foods that contain added sugar (like confectioneries, energy drinks, sweetened soft drinks) and salt.

🤏Limit the intake of caffeine as more than 200-300mg or 2-3 cups of coffee a day can cause miscarriage.
It is essential that you choose the right food and eat the right amounts during pregnancy.

Dr Ruksana Tariq

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


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