Health Benefits & How to prepare Awolowo leaf | Akintola Leaf |Independence Leaf, How To use Ewe Akintola, How to use Chromolaena odorata

The leaf below is called Awolowo leaf or Akintola leaf or independent leaf.

Health benefits & How to prepare Awolowo leaf | Akintola Leaf |Independence Leaf
Siam weed | Awolowo leaf | Akintola Leaf |Independence Leaf

Other names of Awolowo leaf: Siam Weed, independence leaf, Akintola leaf, ewe akintola, Christmas bush, bitter bush, and baby tea (English); akintola-ta-ku (Yoruba, Western Nigeria) and ishero (Urhobo, South of Nigeria).

Botanical name: Chromolaena odorata

First consent to me train you how to prepare this leaf.

Firstly, get a portion of the leaves, flush/clean it with water and take it out from the run promptly, at that peninsula crush it actively with your palms or field gun and grinder without including water.

Secondly, sieve it and allow it to settled.

Thirdly, enlarge 1 tablespoon of saline to a half liter of the concentrate.

Fourthly, Shake the blend, with the goal that equally will blend, and drink it multiple period every day —-say three times a day.

Note: It have to be finished inside a day.

The nutrients in Awolowo leaf is as follows: Phenol, Alkaloids, Triterpenoid, Tannin, Flavonoid, Limone, these are the brains behind its curative behaviours.

The health benefits of Awolowo leaf + how to prepare Awolowo leaf are as listed below:

💥It has been proven to have curing powers
Just squeeze the leaf and put the run on your injury and the it’s helps stop bleeding and promote healing.

💥Antibacterial Properties – kills ulcer causing organism called Helicobacter pylori.

Siam weed over has a peak antibacterial bearing for a thick scope of bacterial diseases as well as H.pylori which is a ulcer-causing microbial organism.

A like method be obliged to be reharsed day by day or many period in seven days for three weeks, or a month.

💥 Diabetes? How to use Akintola leaf

chromolaena odorata (Awolowo Leaf) grass bottle also jump in before diabetes. It is believed to cure diabetes.

Step by step information on how to prepare and use Awolowo or Akintola leaf.

Step 1: Just get a portion of the leaves, flush/clean it with water and make it out from the water quickly, at that point pressure it heartily with your palms or field gun and pounder without including water.

Step 2: Sieve it and consent to it settled.

Step 3: Pour it into a void grate of reach your peak milk until it is gorged (if interminable), but in the occurrence that not, assemble it partially

Step 4: Pour the sieved Chromolina Oduratum into a uncomprehending cup, and blend it in with a peak milk

Step 5: Shake the blend, with the goal that mutually will blend, and taste it numerous epoch day by day

Note:It must be finished within a day.

Stomach Ulcer

1.Get the leafs remove it from the branches

2. wash it well

3.blend it don’t add water please make sure you have a thick juice at the end,as thick as akanmu

4.take it twice half of a tea cup is good to be taken on a empty stomach.

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NB: this leafs eupatorium odaratum can also be used externally for open wounds and external ulcer it heals fast – still been researched.

🌿🌿 Treat of various injuries & stops bleeding
Ways of making:

👉Provide a few leaves of leaves Chromolaena odorata ( the leaves must be young).

👉Clean off the stool (leaves always clean without washing).

👉Pound or puree (bracelet) uses the hand (because it is more effective using a hand).

👉Add a little water (ordinary water or water used usually spit own water).

👉After that, squeeze and wound medicine from Chromolaena odorata leaves ready for use.

How to use:

👉Clean the wound from dirt or blood
Stick it on the wound,then bandage It.

Follow these methods meticulously and expect on shocking outcomes.


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