Side Effects + Health Benefits of Awolowo Leaf | Akintola Leaf.

Awolowo leaf is commonly seen around most homes as a weed and most times we often take them off without knowing the health benefits.

Other names of Awolowo leaf: It’s known as Siam Weed and its botanical name is Chromolaena odorata. It is sometimes called ‘obiarakara’ in Igbo language and ‘awolowo’ or Akintola leaf in Yoruba language. Some persons call it Awolowo leaf independent leaf.

Side Effects + Health Benefits of Awolowo Leaf | Akintola Leaf
Side Effects + Health Benefits of Awolowo Leaf | Akintola Leaf

I’ll be teaching on how to prepare this medicine and its health benefits to humans when taken.

Side Effects + Health Benefits of Awolowo Leaf | Akintola Leaf


• Get a handful of awolowo leaf and wash with clean water.
• Add little water inside a cup and squeeze the awolowo leaf inside to extract the juice.
• Gently sieve the juice out and add 2 spoon of honey.

Dosage of Awolowo leaf juice:

Drink the juice twice daily and ensure you drink it in the morning before eating.

What are the effects of this juice?

💥It is effective for ovarian cyst infection:
Awolowo leaf is very useful for those who want to heal cyst infection and prevent complications.

💥It is effective for peptic ulcer:

Just squeeze awolowo leaf and drink with peak milk. It’s effective in treating peptic ulcer. Please do not add salt

💥Prevention of cervical cancer in female and colon cancer in both sexes

💥Prevention of diabetes and lowering of blood sugar.

💥Maintenance of a healthy reproductive organ in women

💥Reduction in blood cholesterol level

💥Lowering of blood pressure

💥Awolowo leaf and fertility: Awolowo leaf promotes fertility and boost sexual libido. Awolowo leaf also boost ovulation.

Other health benefits

• Get awolowo leaf, squeeze it and allow the juice to touch the affected skin where there’s an injury. It will enhance rapid blood clotting and wound healing.

• In this case of bleeding, clean the wound from any dirt or blood and squeeze awolowo leaf. Apply the leaf on the surface and stick it to the wound. Bandage the affected part with the leaf covering the injury.

It’ll stop bleeding and promote rapid formation of a clot to cover the wound.

• For the treatment of diabetes, get a handful of awolowo leaf (12 strands will do). Wash it and boil it with water for 15 minutes. Sieve the juice and drink 1 glass cup every day for 2 weeks. It’ll cause a reduction in your blood sugar level.

🌞 Awolowo leaf and Fibroids:it is believed that Awolowo leaf help to shrink fibroids but this is from folktale…see a doctor if you have uterine fibroids please.

Side Effects of Awolowo leaf



Abdominal pains


Liver damage

Kidney damage

Worsening of ulcer

Leaves metallic taste in the mouth

Chemical hepatitis and jaundice

Bad breath


Awolowo leaf and Pregnancy

Awolowo leaf or akintola leaf should not be taken by pregnant women… It has a possible likelihold of causing miscarriage, pregnancy loss, low birth weight or congenital abnormalities in the inborn baby.

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  1. If awolowo damages liver and kidney, then it’s of no use to the body because they are the most important organs in the body.

  2. I think the writer wanted to say “these are the benefits u will get when u boil it and drink for two weeks…bcos I heard someone herbal medicinal saying “when u do that it’s reduce mouth odour”

  3. So for someone who has Ben battling peptic ulcer how long can d person take it to see results without taking in excess…? Pls help


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