Nigerians please learn to put your dog in a Cage, it has its benefits – Vet doctor

A Nigerian vet doctor @danielaremson has advised Nigerians via his verified Twitter handle, to see putting their dogs in crates or cages as beneficial and not a form of punishment. He said it is not an act of cruelty for dog to have cages but rather it affords them space and privacy. He went further to announce the price/cost of dog cages in Nigeria for those dog owners that would like to have one.

From his tweets:

“When people talk to me about never getting a cage for their dogs.

I use this analogy. If you have a house and then in that house you have a personal room…Think of the same for your dog. The “cage” is not a prison the dog should be in always. That’s their personal room.

It’s a reward not a punishment. A dog Staying in a cage isn’t cruel. Teach your dog to love the cage, make it his or her personal space, where they go, eat, rest and not bothered.

Dog cage
There are different types of dog cages and each has their benefits.

Teaching a dog early enough to enjoy staying in a cage has a lot of benefits.

It can help you potty train or house train such. Also helps you to protect the dogs when you can’t supervise such. It helps prevent destructive behaviors of such dogs.

There’s a reason why you put a baby in the crib.

It’s a house not a Prison. Don’t lock up your dogs for hours or all through the day.

Put the toys there, put treat there, decorate it, you can or not serve the food there.

Stop the habit of tying your dog outside because you can’t get a house for the outdoor dogs…

The perfect kennel for outdoor dogs is a brick constructed. If not, get a metal wire meshed or constructed with enough space for ventilation. Ensure to seal the roof with abestos to reduce heat. The floor should be concrete or tiled.

Wooden kennel should be the last resort..

Size matters too. Your dog must be able to turn round without any stress and also high enough for a possible stretch.

For indoor dogs, get a collapsible crate appropriate for the breed size.

The first and most important thing before getting a dog is setting up the home of that dog.

If you have a home, and seek convenience and comfortability. Seek the same for your pets.

For your information, the cost of dog cage in Nigeria is between #60,000 – #100,000 Naira.”


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