Amazing Health benefits of pepper soup, Is Nigerian pepper soup healthy? Is pepper soup healthy in pregnancy? Calories in Nigerian Pepper soup.

Have you eaten Nigerian Pepper Soup before? If you have then, you would agree with me that it is not just spicy but also delicious and will make you lick your fingers. Pepper soup is one of the most popular Nigerian soups. It can be eaten with some healthy Nigerian swallows such as agidi, garri and semolina or semovita. It can also be eaten with yam or rice. It is also known for its good nutritional content for the body.

Health benefits of pepper soups
Fish and meat pepper soups. Pepper soup is healthy in pregnancy.

Is Nigerian pepper soup healthy?

Yes it is. The main factor that determines the healthiness of Nigerian Pepper soup is the stock used to consume it. For example, replacing beef with dried steak and replacing red meat with fish can make the pepper soup healthier. Pepper soup with red meat is not all that healthy since scientists have warned that red meat is a risk factor for colon cancer. Therefore, for lovers of pepper soup, it is better to consume fish and/or chicken pepper soup. They are healthier.

Health benefits of pepper soup

As a Nigerian my favorite meal of all time is pepper soup. Its fast and easy to prepare, super light, low in calories, rich in matabolism boosters, fat burning herbs and spices and antioxidants (depending on the condiments used and of course portion of protein). Feel free to add some veggies for even a more filling meal. Some of the benefits of pepper soup 👇

The health benefits of Nigerian Pepper soup are dependent on the ingredients used to prepare it. It is typically made with Nigerian herbs and spices, and interestingly some of these herbs and spices are used in traditional medical treatments.

– promotes weight loss
– Helps with cold, cough and respiratory issues
-Promotes a healthy heart
-Aids digestion
-Has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties
-Keeps you hydrated
-Improves dental health
-Rich in antioxidants
-helps to regulate heart rate and function
-boost your immune system;
-it also provides the body with antioxidants that help mop up free rdical cell
-stimulates the gut and enhance bowel movement.
-treats anemia. Meat contains iron and this helps to boost blood production and increase the packed cell volume (hemoglobin).

With these numerous health benefits, you will agree with me that ” Pepper soup ” should be added to the menu list in every home.

Calories in Nigerian Pepper soup

Pepper soup is a low calorie diet but high in proteins. However, the calories varies with the variety of the pepper soup. Below are the different types of pepper soups in Nigeria and their calories.

💠Goat meat pepper – 150kcal

💠Fish pepper soup – 110kcal

💠Beef pepper soup – 176kcal

💠Chicken pepper soup: 310kcal

💠Calories in assorted meat pepper soup – 186kcal

What of pregnancy? Is pepper soup healthy in pregnancy?

A number of pregnant women have asked me if pepper soup is safe in pregnancy. This is because they are aware that Negro Pepper, is a major ingredient in most pepper soups cooked in restaurants. It has been scientifically proven that Negro Pepper can cause miscarriage and pregnancy loss especially in early trimester.

Aside that made with Negro Pepper, Pepper soup is generally safe and healthy in pregnancy; pregnant women can eat it. Just ensure your make the pepper soup yourself to be 100 percent sure of its ingredients. If you cannot, ensure you buy from a trusted restaurant that does not use Negro Pepper.

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In summary, Nigerian pepper soup is very healthy and medicinal. For pregnant women, it is important they avoid pepper soups made with Negro Pepper otherwise, it is safe and healthy.


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