List of NUC accredited universities that offers Physiotherapy in Nigeria/ Universities where you can study Physiotherapy in Nigeria.

You want to become a certified physiotherapist? Then worry no more, this article is dedicated to you.

Though officially started in Nigeria in 1945, physiotherapy was still relatively unknown until in millennium when it became one of the most sought after professions in Nigeria. Though we have just a thousand physiotherapists in the country, this number is expected to surge in the coming years due to its now high demand in medicine and medicare. Physiotherapy is also known as medical rehabilitation in some universities (especially OAU).

Where Can a Physiotherapist Work? Where to find a physiotherapist

The following organisations and more will need your services after graduation…

Licensed Physiotherapists can be found practicing their profession in any of the following facilities:-

  • Teaching hospitals
  • Specialist Hospitals such as the National Orthopaedic Hospitals, etc
  • General Hospitals across the nation
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Private Physiotherapy Clinics nationwide (See Online Directory Listing)
  • Research Centers
  • Sport Medicine Centers nationwide
  • Sports/Football Clubs
  • Universities offering Physiotherapy academic programs
  • Physical Fitness Centers
  • Industrial Clinics, etc
  • Home services

So how do one become a certified physiotherapist is Nigeria?

The requirements

Have at least five credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in either WAEC or NECO. Thereafter, write and pass the University entrance examinations such as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and Post -UTME. Please ensure you beat the cut-off mark for Physiotherapy in your chosen university so as to increase your chances of admission.

List of NUC accredited universities that offers Physiotherapy in Nigeria

Right now, they are just 12 in number. They are:

  1. University of Lagos
  2. University of Ibadan
  3. University of Maiduguri
  4. University of Calabar
  5. Bowen University
  6. Bayero University, Kano
  7. Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State
  8. University of Benin
  9. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife
  10. University of Nigeria, Enugu
  11. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra
  12. University of Ilorin
Universities that offers physiotherapy in Nigeria
BUK, fully accredited for physiotherapy

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Duration of Study

It takes 5 years to study Physiotherapy in Nigeria. However, in Bayero University, physiotherapy is 6 years.

Degree Awarded

After graduation, a physiotherapist, depending on the institution, is awarded Bachelors degree (BScPT, BPT or BMR), Master of Physical Therapy degree (MPT) or a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) which also means Doctor of Physiotherapy (awarding doctor of physiotherapy is yet to be approved by the National University Commission – NUC)

One year internship program

Just as medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists, physiotherapist are mandated by law to go for a 1 year internship program where they will learn on the job under their seniors. Of course, you will be paid during this period. After this, the Physiotherapist is then qualified to be fully registered and licensed by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria (MRTRB) to practice in Nigeria.

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Nigeria Physiotherapy Network

UTME Bronchure

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