Are you in a relationship? If your boyfriend/girlfriend behaves this way towards you , then he/she may have Othello Syndrome.

He reads your twitter DMs.

He checks all your SMS.

He controls what you post on IG.

He shouts if a man compliments you.

He is insecure about anything you wear.

He accuses you of infidelity wrongly.

This is NOT “Love”.

This is OTHELLO SYNDROME. It is a mental illness and characterized by pathological jealousy.

She wants the password to all your social media.

She suddenly shows up at your house hoping to catch you “cheating”

She gets mad when any woman compliments you.

Or says hi. She always thinks you are cheating even with no proof.

This is Othello Syndrome. It is a mental illness.

In 2013, there was a British man who killed himself and his wife because he was convinced that she was cheating.

She was not cheating. He had Othello Syndrome.

It is a mental illness- But not many people know it to be so.

However if untreated, there can be serious problems.

Othello syndrome
A man killed his wife due to his pathological jealousy

The label “Othello Syndrome” comes from the character in Shakespeare’s book Othello, who kills his wife cos he had a false belief she has been unfaithful.

It is now a recognised mental illness. Especially when the thoughts of the partner cheating is not based on any evidence.

Of course, some level of jealousy is mostly normal. But when a partner is practically controlling, repeatedly accusing the other person of cheating with absolutely no proof, wants to be in charge of their lives and threatens/attempts to kill/harm – This is Othello Syndrome.

What causes Othello syndrome?

We are not sure of exact cause. But we know that for men, sexual infidelity from a lady can trigger it. And for women, emotional and sexual infidelity can trigger it. But it’s mostly emotional infidelity for women (the feeling “he must be cheating”).

Also we know people with a background mental illness already may have a higher risk of developing Othello syndrome.

Some others are just insecure, anxious, inferior, fearful and just seem to think “all men are scum” “all women are dogs”; And that damages them psychologically.

So what can you do? If you think your partner has Othello syndrome, speak with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Seek help for them. It is YOUR duty to ensure it. Because one day, without help, that mental illness may drive them to kill you and kill themselves.

This is no jokes.



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