How much is NYSC pharmacists Salary in Nigeria including allowance? How much do corper pharmacists earn? How much are nysc pharmacists paid in Nigeria?

I have already talked about the one year mandatory internship new pharmacy graduates are stipulated to go through in order to get their permanent practicing licence. I also discussed how much pharmacy interns are paid during this period. I will share the link at the bottom of this article so that you can also go through it.

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After their mandatory internship program, just like every other university and polytechnic graduates, young pharmacists are also requested by the Federal Government of Nigeria to register for the National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) so as to serve their fatherland. They are posted to different states across the federation plus FCT and camp with every other Corp member for 3 weeks. While in camp, pharmacists work in close relationship with Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Lab Scientists, and Physiotherapists to cater for the health of sick or injured corpers in the camp clinic. During camping, pharmacists take calls (shifts) and are in charge of running, stocking and dispensing of drugs. During my NYSC year, the pharmacists in charge of drug dispensary department did a perfect job of ensuring drug availability for all through their smart drug revolving programmes.

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After camp, corper pharmacists are posted to their places of primary assignment (PPA) such as teaching hospitals, federal medical centres, general hospitals, primary health centres, military hospitals, national health insurance scheme (NHIS), police hospitals, NAFDAC, community pharmacies, federal ministry of health, NGOs in Nigeria like the world health organization, and sometimes private establishments like big pharmacy shops and pharmaceutical companies.

How much is NYSC pharmacists Salary in Nigeria including allowance
Corper pharmacists salary plus allawee

Do NYSC pharmacists work for free? No, they don’t. Money is essential for motivation.

How much is NYSC pharmacists Salary in Nigeria including allowance?

Apart from the federal government newly approved and implemented Corp members monthly allowance (called allawee) of #33,000 Naira, corper pharmacists are paid between #50,000 – #70,000 Naira monthly in their places of primary assignment (PPAs). Please note that this depends on the state you were posted to and your PPA as this may be more or less. For instance, I know a NYSC pharmacist that was posted to a big pharmaceutical company in Lagos that earns #130,000 naira. Finally, don’t forget you can honestly earn more money from side hustles like covering some big pharmacies in town when you are free.

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