Urinating After Sex Will NOT Prevent Pregnancy – Medical Expert

Nigerian doctor and Social Media personality, Dr Olufunmilayo, has admonished the general public especially ladies that their common practices of preventing pregnancy like urinating after sex, taking salt and water, abusing ampiclox, and taking drinks like Krest bitter lemon, sprite, Limca, 7Up, and lime will NOT prevent them from getting pregnant.

Especially in this Valentine’s season that is well known to be replete with unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviors, he advised men to use condom and the females to either use female condom or take emergency contraceptive pills immediately after sex if they want to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, he said peeing after sex may protect against urinary tract infections (UTIs)

He wrote:👇👇👇

Urinating after sex will NOT prevent pregnancy.

Peeing after sex will NOT prevent pregnancy.

Semen goes into your womb.

Not your bladder.

It does not “work”,

You have just been lucky.

Again, for those who may not be clear,

Urinating after sex will NEVER prevent pregnancy.

Urinating After Sex Will NOT Prevent Pregnancy
Peeing after sex will not prevent pregnancy – doctor

The tube coming out of your bladder is in front of your vagina. They are NOT the same thing. Urine comes out from your bladder.

Vagina leads into the womb where the semen goes to form a baby.

Urinating empties your bladder.

It does not empty your womb of sperm.

Do you get it?

But that being said, It is good to urinate after sex.

Especially for women.

Especially if you get urine infections after sex a lot.

Peeing after sex can help flush out any germs that may cause a urine infection.

The only thing is that it does NOTHING to prevent a pregnancy.

Salt water can not prevent pregnancy.

7up can not prevent pregnancy.

Lime can not prevent pregnancy.

Krest will not prevent pregnancy

Beecham Ampiclox can not prevent pregnancy.

Many ladies also take Small Stout, Beer, warm salted water, yoyo and Alomo bitters to prevent pregnancy but the truth is they ALL do not work.

As valentine approaches,

Pls use a condom, Or simply use emergency contraception.

Have a nice day.


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