How much do pharmacy interns earn in Nigeria? Pharmacy intern salary in Nigeria.

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Pharmacy is a professional course that derives a lot of interest world wide. In Nigeria, to become a pharmacist, you are required to have at least credits in 5 subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Thereafter, you are expected to pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) and the University entrance examinations called post- UTME where you are required to meet the cut off mark (depending on the institution) for admission. In Nigeria, Pharmacy is a 5 year course and a B.Sc program except in Universities like the University of Benin that awards Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) for six years.

How much do pharmacy interns earn in Nigeria
Pharmacy interns: How much are they paid?

After graduation, the Federal Government in line with the provision of the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria, a new pharmacy graduate is expected to undergo a one year internship training before he/she will be given a full licence to practice as a pharmacist. This one year compulsory internship is done most times in teaching hospitals, federal medical centres and state general hospitals. Just like medical doctors, during this period, these new pharmacy graduates take calls and run shifts under the close supervision of senior pharmacists.

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How much do pharmacy interns earn in Nigeria?

Pharmacy interns in Nigeria are being paid between N100,000 – N140,000 naira and this depends on the centre. I spoke with a friend who is a pharmacy intern in one of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria and he confirmed it that he is being paid #130,000 Naira as take home (after tax). However, he told me that during his free period, he works for one of the big pharmacies in the city where he earns an extra #50,000 Naira as side hustle. In Central hospital Benin City, I interviewed a pharmacist intern who divulged to me that the hospital pays her N125k Naira monthly and 120k after tax deductions.

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