Nigerian Nurse shares video of patient’s relatives fighting a doctor in an undisclosed hospital.

In what looked like WWE (wrestling bout), a Nigerian Nurse known as the Male Nurse on Twitter has shared with the general public a video showing a brutal attack by a sick patient relatives on a doctor and other healthcare workers in an undisclosed hospital in Eastern Nigeria. He also advised all healthcare providers to always think of their safety first while discharging their duties.

In his words:

“I think Self Defense need to be taught in Nursing and medical schools… With the rate of physical abuse to health workers. Here is a patient relative fighting a doc

The other day, they beat a nurse to stupor!!! Heeeeeeiiiiii God!!

Safety measures for all nursing/medical personnels:

1. Wen caring for a patient, always politely ask relatives to excuse u.

2. Always ensure you are nearer an exit and that there is nothing blocking the way.

3. Ensure there are no sharps, knives etc in the scene.”

Patient's relatives fighting a doctor
Patient’s relatives fighting a doctor


Some Comments 

Harmony Owhotake

In addition to the safety tips already listed, RUN when you see the environment is getting violent. Again I say, RUN! If you have to take off your scrubs/ward coat, do it and find your way out of there. Any explanation should be given when you feel safe and secure.


Seeing stuffs like this makes me feel really bad a lot of ppl would say that sometimes it’s the fault of the medical practitioners and the way they speak or address issues but It’s not, the question is why will someone in his right senses fight at the hospital?


Whenever something like this comes up again Please the hospital should just give them an automatic discharge They should go to their house.

Engr Eresia-Eke

This might be unpopular with you but more often than not the lack of empathy from Medical practitioners fuel this kind of behaviors. Don’t get me wrong assault is a terrible thing but I honestly feel y’all can do better.



The Nigerian Health Blog can authoritatively report that there have been increased violence against doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in recent times and well meaning Nigerians are calling for a halt to this epidemic. Here are some published evidence to back this up.

Early this year in Abuja, a female doctor was beaten and stripped naked by patient’s relatives. 

This same year,  a doctor was locked up at the NAUTH premises and beaten to pulp by members of the NSCDC over the death of a patient. 

There are hundreds of unrecorded cases of physical and verbal abuse against nurses and other healthcare workers.

Stop this trend.


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