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Hold back urine
Do not hold back your pee

Nigerian doctor highlights reasons you should never hold back urine


Nigerian doctor highlights reasons you should never hold back urine.

Do you think it is safe to hold back urine?

UK based Nigerian doctor and social media influencer @DrOlufunmilayo has warned the public to desist from the habit of holding back urine (pee) saying it has negative health implications like, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney infections and urine incontinence.. ..
Please read his expert thoughts👇👇👇👇👇👇
“Never hold back urine.
Never hold back urine when the urge comes.
It is not advisable.
It may cause you:
Urine infection,
Kidney infection,
Kidney stones,
Inability to control pee (bladder incontinence),
Never hold back urine

In a healthy adult, there may be times when we have no choice but to hold urine back till we find a comfortable safe place to pee. For instance if you are travelling in a bus. That’s not a problem mostly. But when it becomes a habit and you overdo it, you can harm yourself.
When you ignore the brain signals to go and pee- eventually when you go, it can cause you pain from the bladder and some sort of cramps from the pelvic muscles. Also holding in pee for too long may cause germs to multiply in the bladder which may lead to frequent urine tract and bladder infections.
Holding in pee for too long may also cause you to have kidney stones which can be very painful and may land your in hospital needing surgery if the stones are quite big. So as long as you can, Simple go and pee as soon as you can. Kidney stones can lead to serious kidney damage.
Hold back urine
Do not hold back your pee
There are people who have an overactive bladder and their doctor may advice them specifically to retrain their bladder to achieve less frequent trips to the bathroom- those ones are an exception to what I’ve written. If you are not in this category, always pee as soon as you can.
“Oh the toilet is dirty”
A dirty toilet is no excuse.
A public toilet is no excuse.
Get some wipes/tissue and clean the place you will sit on. If you have to sit.
Then use water to wash your privates after.
You can use water and soap also if you get some and you have the time.

Simple tips to avoid holding urine:

Always pee once you wake up,
Plan for regular pee breaks at school or work- every 2 to 3 hours,
Once you feel the urge, try to find the quickest and safest way to pee;
Do NOT wait till it’s an emergency.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.”
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