True Life Story: The Quest for the Herbal Cure of My Breast Cancer.

This is a compelling story of a young Nigerian Mum who was unemployed and was diagnosed with #BreastCancer, she could not afford cancer treatment and connected to a Herbalist in Jos.

Please and please, READ and Share. Thousands of lives could be saved.

Every day I see people ask for other alternative treatments for cancer I see weird responses & ill-advised measures. Take it from me, I’ve been there! Don’t waste your time & money on treatments you can’t measure. Do the right thing & do it quickly.

I felt an unearthly pain as knife cut through me, I heard myself scream, twisted & stretched, I saw a coffin & was told I died.

Then I heard him talking gibberish. He had four eyes and seemed to loom over me. I was told my eyes were open all through the surgery. I could swear I saw my son floating in the room.

That was when it hit me that I had been joking with my life… What the hell was I thinking?? Then I returned to National Hospital Abuja and the doctors just shook their heads at my story…

“How can you delay your treatment for this long? How can you submit yourself to a herbal doctor for surgery? Where are the lumps they removed? Did you do histology on them?” @NatHospital_ABJ doctors asked.

I just sat there mute looking at my feet. I was back to square one. “You must do chemo and radiation the doctors” @NatHospital_ABJ said. I nodded sheepishly because I was finally convinced that if there was a herbal remedy for cancer, it wasn’t in Jos.

Here is my story👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


Went for Scan

November 2018 was not funny. I noticed a small lump was under my skin and it had grown in size. I was worried. After a scan, it was highly suspicious! A local reoccurrence!

I lost my cool and entered full panic mode. I went back to the hospital, the oncologist “scolded” me for not continuing my treatments. I told him I had no job at the time of my referral and I only recently got one that wasn’t even going to foot the exorbitant bill.

No help Coming

The Oncologist understood, picked his phone & called a cancer NGO but they said they don’t have funds to support me. I started my usual CRY and berating for the whole week. Christmas plans were officially suspended, but thank God for friends.

Told about about a miraculous herbalist that cures breast cancer

I was already considering raising money for my treatments when I was referred to this man in Jos, a herbalist. My informant said the guy CURES #CANCER from its root, NO Mastectomy, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy only LUMPECTOMY. Hallelujah!!

Simply put, the Herbalist CURES #CANCER from its origin, NO Removal of breast (s), NO Cancer drugs & NO use of light rays to kill the cancerous cells. The Herbalist removes ONLY the LUMPS from the Breast (s). Hallelujah!!

My aunt was a testimony to his prowess. He had operated her cancerous breast & took out all the lumps and she was recovering fast. My friend & I hit the road to Jos.12:15pm we alighted from the bike. The place is Kerang, a beautiful, hilly village, where bottle water is produced.

Found myself at the herbal home and was convinced

At the herbal home, I saw many patients, mostly women. Some had undergone the crude but often “successful” “surgery” and were excited through recovery. Hospitals can go to h*ll. Cancer has been defeated. I consulted and was convinced.

Went to gather money and prepare

I returned back to Abuja the same day and prepared in earnest for my second surgery. 27th December 2018, I hit the road again, with my stove, small pot, blankets, wears, foodstuffs, some cash, my son and my care giver-my steadfast, patient friend.

We I was lodged

The cold was unforgiving. The small huts had no curtains, no electricity, no water, no toilets, just a small foam. But none of us cared. We just want to be fine.

My breast cancer treatment story
The mud house where I was “operated on”

The “surgery”

I went in for the surgery 28th December, 2018 and was injected two doses of a certain drug. I didn’t sleep into oblivion like my first surgery, I just drifted. See, I was somewhere I can’t describe through the surgery. I still get scared when that memory surfaces.

I was conscious in my subconsciousness and I felt like my soul was literally being ripped out of my body. I felt an unearthly pain as the knife cut through me and I heard myself scream.

Herbal cure for breast cancer
Me after the “surgery”

I was pressed through walls, twisted and stretched, fell from scary heights into Abyses, I even saw a coffin and was told I died. There were four faces in the “theatre” and I heard my friend’s voice: “Ndo nne, Ndo Gloria”.

When I came back to reality, I woke up and was held down to avoid hitting the two pairs of scissors on my chest. It was their local way of preventing bleeding from post-surgery.

Two days later, holes in my chest

After two days, the plasters on my chest were removed and four rough, deep holes stared back at me. Jesus!! I cringed at the sight. I could swear the herbalist touched my rib bones as he cleaned one of the holes. I am still in awe of how those holes closed up. I carried plasters beneath my clothes for nearly two months! Someone even suggested a small party.

Herbal concoctions does cancer
Me and my husband

A sort of solution ground for alternative cancer treatment

People checked in at the center everyday with all kinds of cancer. When the huts were filled we shared rooms. Some were discharged before the New year… lucky people. My son and I spent the new year there with tasteless rice and sour gruel to wash it down.

Instructions given

I was told to avoid pepper, goat meat and groundnut oil till I was certified OK by the herbalist. I spent 8 days and returned home armed with herbs to drink and clean the wounds for proper healing. I was assured I was cured forever!

Follow up

I went for a check-up later in January got more herbs and complained of another lump under my skin. it was nothing the Herbalist convinced me. “Keep using the herbs”.

Sorrow, tears and blood

The center had a different atmosphere this time around, some patients presented very scary conditions. Some cried through the night. A patient I knew personally died after lumps were removed from his back.

A boy operated for mouth cancer returned with an aggravated sore & was rejected. I was scared. Then my aunt, who referred me to the herbalist; whom I thought was recovering well, slipped into coma and died! Her Breast Cancer had spread to other vital organs. As for me, I didn’t get the desired cure, the cancer was fast spreading and I have to run back to my doctors in Abuja to save my life.

My conclusion from personal experience on my fruitless quest for the herbal cure of my breast cancer..

“Please there is NO known HERBAL cure for cancer!” “Do not try this after you have read about my ordeals.” The journey of the herbal cure of my breast cancer should help you make wise choices.

Traditional medicine for cancer treatment
Gloria and her husband

My name is Gloria

Gloria is now receiving her treatment National Hospital Abujaand @projectpinkblue is supporting her. Please let’s all do our bit in sharing this story to save other lives.


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