Paramilitary officers beat up a doctor over death of a relative – Medical doctor on Twitter cries out.

Medical doctor @chidi_nwokolo narrated how a fellow doctor who happens to be a house officer was mercilessly beaten by members of the paramilitary force following the loss of a relative at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH).


“At NAUTH, Nnewi, a doctor (houseofficer) was locked up in a room and beaten up till he bled at 3am today by 2 paramilitary officers who lost a relative.

The doctor had fought all through the night to save the life of the patient but was repaid with blows and blood.

Paramilitary officers beat up a doctor over death of a relative
Paramilitary officers beat up a doctor over death of a relative

When aggressors were summoned to the CMD’s office, they kept making threats saying “the boy was lucky we didn’t head butt him, it’s not this one we’re still talking”. Patients attack and threaten doctors whenever they feel like it. Without remorse.


Background; Houseofficers are the most junior doctors in the cadre. Senior doctors (registrars and consultants) dish out management plan and the houseofficers carry it out. Be it giving drugs, collecting samples, transfusing blood, dressing wounds.

Houseofficers give the most time, have the most contact with the patients, are most prone to contacting patient’s infectious diseases, and are at most risk of any verbal and physical violence from patient’s relatives.

This is the 3rd major assault event in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi on doctors in 3 months with previous events ignored. Recall that a similar event of assault happened in Abuja where a female doctor was assaulted and stripped naked by patient relatives.

Grief over loss of a loved one is no reason to raise your hands against a medical personnel who has practically sacrificed his/her life to save the life of your loved one. There is absolutely no reason”.

Other Health Workers Narrate their experiences.

Very very sad. At UBTH, a similar incident happened where patients relatives lost someone and had to assault the Nurse on duty. Nurses protested and withdrew all nurses from the all the wards, the management intervened. Charged the relatives to court, and seized the corpse.


I remember saying that if nothing serious is done by NARD and NMA about the Abuja case, expect more assaults on doctors…. we need to set an example with one person… shut down Medical treatment in that state till the culprits are brought to book…the zamfara treatment loading.


I was almost beaten up by a woman’s son in December. Funny enough, the woman regained consciousness that night and was discharged some weeks later. She was brought in coma, known hypertensive /diabetic not adherent to medications.

Mr Anayo

Something almost similar happened during my time at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, but it was dealt with locally and every doctor was satisfied with the measures taken by the CMD.


My friend ran away from PH cos of something like this…thugs were hired to come look for him. They came for days, and he always found a way to hide from them. I mean thugs with gun. He wasnt even at fault. The patient died in a new hospital he was referred to.

Ikezie Ibeleme

This is becoming a trend. It deserves some urgent legislation and decisive action. Similar case at FMC Umuahia necessitated placing armed men of the force at the A&E entrance.



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