DID YOU KNOW some people were born with tails?

I thought I should bring to your attention one of those unusual things you may think only exists in the cartoon/movie world- but actually exists among human beings.

People can be born with tails.

It is very rare.

But it can happen.

DID YOU KNOW some people were born with tails?
DID YOU KNOW some people were born with tails?

As far as human literature and recorded history is concerned- there have only been about 23 of such human beings that were known and noted since 1880s till now.

A child born with tail
A baby born with tail

So it’s not as common as you think.

It’s thankfully a very rare thing, and mostly quite harmless for those who have it.

Why does it happen?

We don’t know for sure. However what we do know is that ALL human beings while growing in the womb have a tail-like structure which disappears in the second month of pregnancy- so you are not born with it.

But in these people, it doesn’t seem to disappear.

The medical term for it is VESTIGIAL TAIL. That’s what it’s called. As I said, vestigial tails only mean there was an error in the development of the child which causes the tail to persist till the child is born- rather than be absorbed into the body like other babies.

Black baby born with tail
Black baby with a tail

The term “vestigial” is used for those human body structures which are deemed to be useless or not particularly important for human survival.

Humans with tails
Newborn with a tail being measured

In simple terms, these are body organs you can actually do without. Examples of such structures are appendix, wisdom tooth, and a tail.

A vestigial tail is mostly just skin, fat, some muscles and nerves. That’s all.

There’s NO bones, or spinal cord. They can NOT use it to hold or grasp anything.

And some may not be able to move it.

The treatment is simple: Surgeons just cut it off. That’s all there is to it.

Vestigial tail
Vestigial tail cut off by surgeons

Anyway I hope you learnt something. Vestigial tails are rare- but they are NOT impossible. It does NOT mean the child is abnormal.

Being born with tail has no spiritual or demonic connotations. Babies born with tail are normal and they require your care. Don’t start worshipping them as some form of deity because they are not.

These things happen.

Take the child to a hospital – Not the evil forest, or a gabbage dump site by the road.

Pls share.

Help educate someone!

Dr Olufunmilayo


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