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Detty December
Dirtying yourself this Detty December Credit: Repub

#DettyDecemberPack: How to Prepare for this Detty December 2019


Sterile Lancet,
Rapid HIV Test Kit,
Buy from any reputable pharmacy
Not Chijioke with wheelbarrow.
ALL the above will only cost you about 5,000naira. Think about it. Your life.
Your future… May just depend on this.
If you are sexually active, Or if you plan to be sexually active, Or if you think there’s a chance you may fall on a preeek this DettyDecember, Please have a plan for precautions in place.
It may look like a joke but this is serious.
Don’t gamble with your life. You may lose.

The kit is a quick test that tells you within two minutes if the person has HIV or not. So before your preek turns on ahead if your brain, before you become a fountain of ocean down there.
Take a few minutes – And just check quickly. Then see if your preek is still hard after.
A lube is a safe liquid used to lubricate during sex. Saliva is NOT a lube. Dirty girls and dirty boys, Change your ways. That nonsense of using saliva to quickly lubricate is medically dangerous.
You can get Genital Herpes IF the person using saliva on you has a mouth sore.
And of course, Remember that HIV results being negative does NOT give 100% guarantee of NO HIV. No it doesn’t.
People with HIV in their window period can have a negative rapid HIV test result until about 3months after contacting HIV.
So be wise.
HIV result or not – Use a condom.
Besides condoms prevent more STDs than just HIV. There are more dangerous and more lethal STDs like hepatitis that nobody tells you about. It can ruin your liver and give you liver cancer on the long run apart from making your life miserable before it kills you eventually.
So my dear brothers and sisters: Get the HIV kit, Use a lube, Use a condom please.
Again I’m saying it, Use a lube- it helps you remain wet and helps the sex remain enjoyable.
Otherwise you get dry and sex becomes more uncomfortable – you are likely to bleed and catch diseases.
And IF you still do unprotected sex after all I’ve said- I leave you in the hands of God to keep you safe. However please use Postinor/PostPill afterwards. The earlier the better.
And it must be within 72hours after the sex. Once it’s past 72hours, just go and buy baby clothes.
I hope you have learnt one or two things from this post. Please share your ideas on how young people can have safe sex in this period and feel free to turn on notifications as well.
Thanks for reading.
And please share for other people also.
Have a nice day ahead, friends.
Detty December
Dirtying yourself this Detty December
Credit: Repub
Thread by Dr Olufunmilayo


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