You cannot get conjunctivitis from looking at it.

You cannot get Apollo from looking at it.

You cannot get Apollo from looking at it.

You cannot get pink eye from looking at it.

You cannot get conjunctivitis from looking at it.

You cannot get Apollo from looking at it.

Pls help me tell someone.

Apollo is the common name for (viral) conjunctivitis.

It is caused by virus in many cases. If you don’t have it already, Can you catch it? Yes.

But it is NOT by looking at someone with it. If you have it already, Can you spread it? Yes.

But it is not by looking at other people.

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis:

Red eye Watering Itching

Feeling gritty



Sometimes you can wake up with sticky eyes.

It may affect both eyes.

And sometimes it may be an allergic reaction to something.

Especially if you are the type that has allergies.

Simple ways to treat it:

If it’s viral- and most times it is- It will go ON ITS OWN. Regardless of what you do.

But you can use a clean cotton wool – one for each eye dipped in clean warm water and then use it to gently rub your eyelashes to clean off those dried crusts.


Stay off contact lens in this period. It can worsen things for your eyes.

Do NOT share towels

Do NOT share pillows

Do NOT kiss anyone

Do NOT rub your eyes pls If it itches you too much-

Go and buy an antihistamine tablet like loratadine or cetirizine from a reputable pharmacy.

Always wash your hands regularly with warm soapy water. Always wash your pillows and face cloths in hot water if possible and use detergent too. You do not need to stay away from school or from work just because of Apollo. Except if you feel quite unwell with it.

There are a few exceptions to this advice though:

If you have a baby under 28days – Get that baby checked out immediately. Go to a hospital.

The baby is at risk of going blind if what is going on is something else and you assumed it was Apollo. Never gamble with babies, pls.

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If you start to notice blurred vision, wavy lines in your vision or flashing lights – Pls go to an optician or a doctor straight away. Apollo will normally not cause all those kinds of things. If your Apollo has not cleared on its own after two weeks also, see a doctor please.

Thanks for your time.

Hope you learnt something.

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