How many Cardiothoracic Surgeons/Vascular Surgeons do we have in Nigeria? List of cardiothoracic surgeons in nigeria, Cardiothoracic surgeon salary in nigeria..

Medical doctor based in the UK and social media influencer @DrOlufunmilayo has lamented the poor number of Cardiothoracic Surgeons and other specialists in Nigeria calling a matter of national emergency…

His expressed the poor state of Nigeria’s healthcare system on his Twitter handle…..

“If someone gets stabbed today and starts bleeding heavily from a major blood vessel, they will need a Cardiothoracic Surgeon/vascular surgeon to save their life. Nigeria only has 32 of such specialists. There are 7 in Lagos. A city of 20million people. A country of 200million people. God help us. Many of you have never really thought about how serious an emergency the Nigerian health sector is in. It is in such an emergency that nobody is safe – and most people are just one serious stab injury from death. And that’s just the grim reality. We need to do something fast. We need to start looking into how to make the system more conducive for the training of these kind of specialists and also how to make them feel fulfilled in their jobs that they will find it more rewarding to stay than to leave. This is no joking matter. We really need to.

Cardiothoracic surgeons in Nigeria
Cardiothoracic surgeons at work

And we also need to look into the issue of thriving growing insecurity round the country that makes hoodlums have such an unchecked access to dangerous instruments that they use to stab and hurt people with fatal injuries that gives their victims very little chance of survival. But above all else, I hope someday we really build a model health system that we would all be proud of – one that is reliable, accessible, affordable and is professionally ready/capable to take on the worst cases of human illness, accidents/injury and deliver world class results”. He said. 


Nma Haliday MD

The only Vascular surgeon in Abịa State has relocated. It’s 31…

Enigma MD

There’s only one consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Ebonyi.


Right now, there are just 5 Cardiothoracic/Vascular Surgeons in  Edo State. 3 in UBTH and 2 in Irrua Teaching Hospital.

Chima Ihueze MD

Just 1 Vascular Surgeon in the whole of Anambra.


7 in lagos. In other words some states don’t even have one.

Vision MD

IN abuja,  there are just two Cardiothoracic Surgeons in National Hospital. However,  one left to become CMD of FMC Kebbi.

Favour MD

A single vascular surgeon in FMC Yenogoa is the one serving the population of Bayelsa.

Cardiothoracic surgeon salary in nigeria

A Cardiothoracic surgeon earns between #800,000 – 1.5million Naira monthly.  From private practice, their income may be as high as 3million to 4million monthly. This is because very few doctors are specialists in this field.

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