Ondo State have just 1 MRI and 3 CT scan machines – Nigerian Doctors

A group of Nigerian doctors and other healthcare workers shared a thread on the number of functional CT scans, MRI machines and Cardiothoracic Surgeons that are present to take care of the health or diagnostic needs if about 4 million people in ONDO State……

I decided to publish it because of the numerous messages I have been getting from people in Ondo State who want to know the where they can do either MRI and CT scan including cost.

Enjoy ….

Dr. G

There are less than 8 CT Scan machine in the whole Ondo state. Less than 4 MRI machine in the whole state…


Please where did you get 8 CT scan in Ondo? At most 2-3 functioning CT, just one MRI & CT scan at UNIMEDTHC. One CT scan at Union diagnostics, Akure. I don’t know if FMC Owo has a CT. Below is an image of the MRI

Ondo State have just 1 MRI and 3 CT scan machines
Ondo State have just 1 MRI and 3 CT scan
machines – Nigerian Doctors
Credit: ITN

Dr. G

I am just been benevolent with stats… maybe there are some in my dreams that we don’t know of.. I had to give a wider confidence interval.. lol


Lol, I pray daily that my loved ones don’t get seriously ill. Even at a teaching hospital, we are seriously constrained. Most times the only functional CT is usually down. To make matters worse, we don’t even have a vascular surgeon or Cardiothoracic surgeon

MRI and CT scan in Ondo State
A CT scan machine

Dr. G

In the whole Ondo state, I doubt if we have upto 3 Cardiac surgeons . This country is really messed up.. and the people that are meant to do all these are busy taking their nollywood mistresses to Dubai for shopping. Smh God will judge them all mehn. If anybody arrest ehn, OYO.


LOL! guy where do you get this your stats? You rate Ondo so highly oh. Only if FMC Owo have Cardiac Surgeons, which I will so surprised if they do. UNIMEDTHC (all complexes) is without one, which is understandable cos it’s still relatively young.


I am just leaving allowance for things I don’t already know. I am not even rating the state high. I am just giving space for some unknown consultants hiding in the state. It’s really terrible to think about these things.

Prince Ogunoye

LOL. The only CT scan machine in FMC Owo is down, no MRI. And please, there are no vascular and cardiac surgeons too and i don’t even think there is any in the state. How many cardiothoracic surgeon do we even have in the country?

Kay M. D


1 CT in FMC Owo

1 MRI in Gani/MeCure

1 CT in Union Diagnostics.

Most times only one is functioning.

Dr. G

Update on Total CT and MRI machines in Ondo state :

1 CT in UNIMEDTHC (working)

1 CT in FMC Owo ( not working)

1 MRI in Gani/MeCure (functional)

1 CT in Union diagnostics (functional)

So in the whole state, 2 CT and One Private MRI machines are available for a population of 4 million.

Update: University of Medicine Teaching Hospital now has an MRI MACHINE.

See the price list and where you can do a MRI in other parts of Nigeria

Thread by Dr. G


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