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Taking a soft drink everyday can make it more difficult for you to get pregnant. FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN. A Boston University research confirms this. Before you go to Shiloh and call fire on your mother in law, it may just be you that is doing yourself.

Taking a soft drink everyday can make you gain weight- as a man and as a woman. Now excessive weight gain as a woman can mess up your periods and ovulation- can give you irregular periods and that can directly mean that it is more difficult for you to have a baby naturally.

Taking a soft drink everyday is known to cause very poor sperm quality in men. That means as a man you produce sperm that are mostly useless and are too weak or too lifeless to get a woman pregnant. So before you blame anyone for being “childless”, check your diet routine.

Soft drinks is NOT water. You should NEVER take it like it is water. Soft drinks is for “occasional” use. Once in a while, maybe one can on a Friday and that’s it. Once you see yourself taking soft drinks everyday, you are already on the wrong and dangerous path medically.

Soft drinks causes infertility
Soft drinks causes infertility men and women

And the results are far worse for men. It reduces your chances of impregnating a woman by 33%. That’s too high a risk to take- for a few minutes of feeling good after a can of soft drink. For women it reduces your chances of getting pregnant by 25%. These are not small numbers.

So what’s the way forward: STOP taking soft drinks everyday. Is that easy? NO. Is it necessary? Absolutely Yes. Don’t get carried away with sensational adverts by soft drink companies- taking those things everyday actually ruins your life in a steady sure slow targeted manner.

So what can you do if you find it hard to stop? Switch to fruits and natural fruit juices. Those are a sweeter and a healthier alternative to soft drinks. NOT “sweetened fruit juice” pumped with sugar o. Strictly natural fruits and fruit juices- they are a safer/better option.

Why do we get stuck/hooked on soft drinks? They are usually pumped with three things that explains many people’s addiction

1. High Glucose – Soft drinks contain high sugar (glucose) which gives instant energy and makes a person feel “high”. That feeling is why we keep going back.

2. Caffeine – Caffeine is what you have in coffee. Some soft drinks have caffeine. It makes you more alert, awake and more energised. This is why some people tell you “if I have not taken this my daily brand of soft drink, I feel very low and down mentally”. That’s an addiction.

3. Soft drinks are “carbonated” – Soft drinks are carbonated. That’s the reason why when you take them, they make that shururururuuuuu sound that just makes you feel so good and it can be quite orgasmic. For many people, if for nothing else, they keep going back just for that.

Anyway, that’s about it this morning.

I hope you have learnt something today.

Help me share and send this message to as many people as you can.

These are the little lessons we can all learn to live healthier lives.

Thanks for reading.

And happy Sunday!

Read more about the research on Sciencedaily

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