Naphthalene or Camphor causes jaundice in newborns, kindly remove them from your babies – Aproko Doctor

Medical doctor and social media influencer @Aproko Doctor has warned mothers (parents) to desist from using camphor or naphthalene on the clothes of newborns giving reasons that it causes jaundice. He went further to explain the long term complications of jaundice in newborns which include: cerebral palsy, seizures (epilepsy) and delayed developmental milestones.

Read his tweets and comments that followed below……

WARNING! If you have a newborn baby, avoid camphor around them and even on their clothes Camphor or naphthalene is linked to jaundice in new babies

Jaundice is yellow coloration of their skin and eyes because of overproduction of bilirubin

It can cause brain damage!

Naphthalene causes jaundice in babies
Naphthalene causes jaundice in babies

Our red cells contain hemoglobin, this is what helps carry the oxygen from your lungs to other places When red blood cells are broken down, this haemoglobin is broken down to bilirubin

When this gets to the liver, they are combined with a compound that makes them less harmful

Some babies, mostly male babies may lack an enzyme called G6PD, this deficiency is inherited and common in Africans It helps protect the red cells from damage and when it’s lacking, the cells break down easily.

Exposing them to camphor can rapidly breakdown their blood cells.

Also, babies have a special kind of red blood cells at birth that have a short life span.

They also have low concentrations of that binding substance in the liver.

Now camphor may increase the breakdown of these red blood cells causing an increase in bilirubin.

Because this bilirubin is not bound, it enters into the blood stream, this is what colors the eyes and the skin of the baby yellow.

If it gets too high, it may get into the brain of thay baby, this can lead to seizures, drowsiness, poor feeding or sucking, abnormal cries.

Most people say that putting babies under the sun can help reduce jaundice, but because of the risk of burning them or increasing their temperature to risky levels, it is no longer recommended.

If you suspect your baby has jaundice, see a pediatrician immediately.


Wife of an Ibo Man@ibevic
I learnt this 5years ago when I had my 2nd son. He had mild Jaundice.We got home his grandma who came for omugwo unbeknownst to us uses naphthalene on her clothes. Long story short, thank God for the doctors at Reddington V/I. Since then, I have a strong phobia for the thing.
Timileyin Olaifa@Prince1timmie
Avoid deodorant in general, “a substance which removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odours.” Once you notice any abnormality of a new born, report it to your Doctor right away.
Made in Aba@ugybabe2020
After God saved my neighbor’s baby from dying after eating coloured camphor in my room, I will never go near it again.I used to put it at corner of my room in school.I was sleeping when she came and thought it was sweet.She ate almost all.
ikpefua faith@elohigbe
I removed all Camphor from my baby’s locker immediately I saw this the first time you posted it. He had jaundice at birth but was put under a phototherapy light for days. I don’t know what caused it tho because I wasn’t sick all through my 9months.
Camphor causes jaundice in newborns
Camphor (naphthalene) causes jaundice in babies
Uche Ndukwe@Efuche
Why even use camphor for kids unless there’s a roach infestation (in which case dont even put their cloths in such a place);their clothes won’t smell ‘nice’ but have that built up strong(granny) odour. Properly washed and dried cloths have crispier smells.*wink
What about babies from 4months above should we consider them newborns as well and should not use the camphor.
Adele Esse@Bea_esse
And there’s camphor in the wardrobe my mother in-law kept my baby stuff. Now he’s having issues sucking. Could this be the reason.
I never knew abt camphor and jaundice till I read it here.A doctor close to me had to do the 2nd exchange blood transfusion 4 a baby with jaundice last night.The jaundice kept progressing after the 1st transfusion because the change of clothes they brought for the mother had camphor on it.
The Doctor on duty just made the discovery yesterday afternoon. Before then, they were wondering why the jaundice kept increasing despite all the drugs.


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