These sad stories was shared by doctors whose pregnant patients rejected C-section because wanted to “deliver like the Hebrew women”.

Nonso the Aproko Doctor™@aproko_doctor
I know a woman who died because her womb tore and the baby entered her abdomen, her pelvis was too small to allow the baby pass. She died before they made it to the hospital They told her that CS is not her portion, that the doctors are using CS to make money from people.
deliver like the Hebrew women
She died because she wanted to “deliver like the Hebrew women”
This type of case.. every medical doctor in Nigeria has at least one experience. Either as a student or as an intern. My first was as a 500l student. Previous scar, rejected cs. She was brought in dead, baby dead.
Elder Richy (Dr)@Richtyns
Adeniran olayemi@ProfdotOlayemi
CS is not your portion, they say! You’ll deliver like the Hebrew women, they say, forgetting that the phrase “delivered like the Hebrew women” was a LIE told to Pharaoh by the Egyptian midwives, as their consciences couldn’t deal with killing babies. Dem go dey alright Las Las!
Now, whatever any PASTOR or seemingly religious person quotes from the Bible, go and read that verse of the Bible YOURSELF. Read the verse, 4 verses before it, 4 verses after it, Infact, the WHOLE CHAPTER, if that helps you to understand better.
Ife @Fe_ducklin
Ogunjimi Babajide Adeniji@fjiwad
My uncle lost a baby last month because his wife insisted that she would have a vaginal delivery. The baby died and was brought out of her womb through CS. That was my Uncle’s first child, although the lady has a child before and that child was through CS. They’re now separated.
C-section scar and alive and well baby
Credit: Parents
Source: Twitter


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