Nigeria, a nation without defibrillator…

A doctor (Dr. Stephen Ijeuwu) collapsed yesterday inside a hospital.

And a whole “Federal Medical Centre” did NOT have a defibrillator (a machine that shocks the heart to revive it)

They travelled to GovtHouse Clinic to borrow one. By then, the doctor died.

See, human life has NO value in Nigeria.

A doctor died in FMC Yenogoa due to lack of a defribrillator

A defibrillator is a basic life saving equipment. It should be like paracetamol or cotton wool in any hospital. Here in the UK, petrol stations, cinemas, football stadiums, games arena, train stations, etc all have a defibrillator.

But in Nigeria, an FMC doesn’t have it. Shame.

I can’t get my head round it.

This is a doctor who collapsed IN A HOSPITAL.

Not outside a hospital.

Yet the most important equipment to save his life was nowhere available.

This hospital has patients on their wards- if anyone collapses- that’s the end too. We are in deep shit.

When people collapse outside hospital, the advice we always give is “rush them to the hospital” If a hospital doesn’t even have something as basic as a defibrillator, how is that an hospital?

Nigeria treats human lives with levity and watches its citizens die like chickens.

The shameful part is NO investigation or changes will be made to correct this clear madness.

That same FMC in Bayelsa will still NOT get any defibrillator, it would be a lot of “Eya” and “na wa o”, and life continues till the next person dies.

This is a disgraceful country.

I sincerely pray God would console and comfort this young doctor’s family IF it was a sane country- that young doctor, just like millions of Nigerians who die avoidable deaths- could have been saved. Nigeria kills people and only brings tears to their families.

It is saddening.

This is not a serious country. We are a mere geographic space filled with people- and that’s it. Governance is in shambles. Nation building is nonexistent. Value for human life is absent. The entire country is in a state of chaos that can only bring disaster. I’m just sad.

Every time a person dies because no oxygen in hospital, or no light to do urgent surgery, or no defibrillator to save the life of a collapsed person- all because someone stole the money meant to provide those things- This is how politicians kill people.

But we just keep quiet.

Politicians don’t need to use a knife to stab a person to death or use a gun.

But every time Nigeria fails and people die from an avoidable death- hospital lacking basic equipments, potholes not fixed, collapsed houses, falling trailers etc- This is how politicians kill us all.

I would still say please retweet and tag any relevant authorities that may need to see this- but I’m also aware nothing may be done.

The fact that human beings die and nobody is punished, no lesson is learnt and nothing is done to prevent recurrence is a total Nigerian miracle.

I pray again that God will comfort his friends and family Incase you are not aware before now, I hope you now see what sort of country and hospitals we have. Yet we have left our health sector to professional politicians and asskissers to run.

This is a total disgraceful shame.

A defibrillator costs about 350,000 naira ONLY. And if bought in wholesale en masse, the price may be cheaper.

Yet a “Federal Medical Centre” that gets Federal allocations running into BILLIONS monthly did NOT have ONE functional defibrillator.

See, we are a very mad country.

Defibrillator cost
A defibrillator costs nothing compared to what government officials earn.

Senators get almost 15 million naira monthly. Our lawmakers are the highest paid in the whole world- even more than US President or UK Prime Minister. Governors and state lawmakers have access to millions monthly.

But hospitals don’t have a 350,000 naira lifesaving equipment.

Politicians and public administrators practically steal fund meant for the welfare of millions- and nobody says nothing. We are used to a culture of avoidable deaths and human lives being lost for the most stupid reasons.

“No defibrillator”. In a hospital in 2019. Madness!

One day we will all realise that this country is set up to ruin and kill all of us. Even if you are outside Nigeria- what of your (extended) family, friends and loved ones? Have they all left?

No problem. Let’s keep quiet and just say “Eya”.

The country will ruin us all soon.

When foreigners say Nigeria is a shithole, we jump in anger to defend a place that is the dictionary definition of shithole.

Are we not a shithole? Is this not a shithole?

How much more shit do we need to see before we actually realise this country is a failed useless entity?

It’s just another death. Even though it could have been prevented by a machine that costs less than an unfortunate politician spends in club/vacation on a weekend.

It’s alright.

Let’s just “move on”.

Our eyes will clear soon that the shit in the shithole is enough to go round.

A system that even medical doctors CANNOT save themselves, a system that health professionals watch their own colleague slowly slip off to sure death because of a lack of simple lifesaving defibrillator- That’s the same system you think a random person has any hopes yeah? Okay.

An oil-producing state, the same state of the immediate former President of Nigeria, does NOT have any functional defibrillator in its “Federal Medical Centre”.

This is an absolute scandal. In serious countries, head will roll, people will lose their jobs and end in jail.

But here in my darling Nigeria, Retarded stupid unproductive youths will ignore the hospital CMD, ignore the state Governor, ignore the state commissioner of health, ignore the lawmakers in the state- and start a stupid APC/PDP discussion.

A true definition of a total shithole.

And to think we probably heard of this because the victim is a medical doctor.

What of the many thousands that have equally collapsed but only their families had to deal with the loss?

This shame of a country is killing citizens everyday and we the people are just looking on.

Im not in Nigeria. But I’m totally ashamed of Nigeria. I’m a medical doctor.

And to know there’s a hospital in Nigeria without a defibrillator is an unforgivable sin and an unpardonable scandal.

Everyone that should purchase it and chose not to, needs to be jailed or killed.

Except and unless there are drastic decisions, punishments and tangible lessons learnt from tragedy, human beings will continue in a state of insanity if allowed.

That’s exactly the reason why we are where we are, and who we are, as a country- a deplorable disgraceful shithole.

Wales is just about 3million people. Bayelsa state is just about 1.7million.


There are 36 Govt-funded and 3,500 Charity/Private supplied Defibrillators in public places like shopping malls, train stations, cinemas etc

Heart re-starter

We are NOT counting the ones in hospital o.

Just in public.

If a small country like Wales with 3m population -not even up to total of 5 biggest LGs in Lagos- can have about 3536 Public Defibrillators and hundreds in their hospitals, how does Bayelsa with roughly half that population have an “FMC” hospital with NO Defib? This is madness.

Three people sit in Nigerian Senate representing that Bayelsa. Every month or so, they collect millions of cash in “constituency allowances”.

Yet a whole Federal Medical Centre- and I believe many hospitals in that state too- have NO defibrillators.

Shame. Disgrace. Ihere.

A dear friend just mentioned that the GovtHouse Clinic probably has the defibrillator because

1. they know it’s importance

2. they don’t want to die if they collapse in Govt House

3. they don’t care if random citizens and visitors to the state who patronise other hospitals die.

And if I remember well, this is the same state that the “commonsense” twitter Senator represented from 2015-2019.

One day we will have to realise that these Nigerian politicians are working very hard to kill Nigerians and make life very miserable for those who are not yet dead.


Dr Olufunmilayo


  1. I developed a First Aid programme for children aged 4 years to 11 years. Approximately 70,000 children in the UK have been introduced to First Aid using our workshops. The programme is used in Ghana and Lebanon. I believe children, their families and communities need to be taught First Aid and CPR. Educate, educate, educate. This will not solve the issues of no defibrillators but it starts raising awareness about life skills. This will then help raise awareness about the need for defibrillators. Things can change quite quickly. I am visiting Lagos in October and our Flat Stan First Aid workshops are going to be launched in Nigeria very soon.


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