List of Zoos in Nigeria (High point is the Nigerian Zoos with Lions and Elephants)

There are over 50 zoos in Nigeria

I have been to the zoological/biological gardens of three universities in Southwest Nigeria (OAU, UI and FUNAAB) and here’s my finding.

1. University of Ibadan:

They have the highest number of animal species amongst these three. They have chimpanzee, baboons, different monkey species, giraffe, hyena, ostrich, donkey, horse, different snake species (including python), Crocs, different bird species, jackals, civet, emu, different tortoise/turtle species, etc

My note: It does not give me the wild feeling. I mean you won’t walk through the wild. Everything is in the open. No lion or elephant. Also, beware of the chimpanzee, he can throw shit at you.
Entry fee: ₦1,000

2. Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta:

They have the highest number of different monkey species, including baboon but no chimpanzee. They also have hyena, black crowned crane, ostrich, turtles, crocodile, some snake species (including python), porcupine, civet, etc

My note: They give the wild experience as you will walk through bushes and a mini-forest on the path to seeing these animals. They have the largest land mass for these animals amongst the three. However, they have the least number of animals. No lion, or elephant. They makeup with mini animal museum where you will see some preserved animals, skins, horns, etc with their scientific names, English, Yorùbá and Hausa names.
Entry Fee: ₦500

3. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife:

They gave me the highest wild experience. I even got a bit scared at some point as I went round alone. Yes, the hyena enclosure was not as tall as others’. I relaxed when I remember that hyenas can’t jump. You would practically walk through bushes and mini-forest. The setup is like FUNAAB’s. They also have ostrich, python, civet, some turtles, male and female lion, etc.

My note: They have the least number of animals to see amongst the three but the way the enclosuresnare built will give you the thrill. I also do not like the fact that they didn’t write the names of the animals on the enclosures. Just instructions like “This animal can bite” and so on. They also don’t have any monkey species or chimp. No elephant.
Entry Fee: ₦200.

Other zoos i hope to visit so day

4. Abuja Children’s Zoo

5. Ogba Zoo, Benin city

6. Audu Bako Zoo, Kano

7. Nekede zoo, Imo state

8. Jos Zoo, Plateau (Jos Wildlife Park) – has lions and elephants

9. Unilorin Zoo, they say it is the biggest zoo in Nigeria

10. Port Harcourt Zoo, Rivers

11. Pandam National Park, Plateau

12. Kashimbila Game Reserve, Taraba

13. Gashaka – Gumti National Park, Taraba

14. Dangona Birds Sanctuary, yobe

15. Chad Basin National Park, Yobe

16. IITA forest reserve, oyo


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