Is Sleep Paralysis a spiritual attack or demonic attack?

You are having a good sleep and all of a sudden you feel “dead” and super paralysed. You cannot move your legs, hands, or any other part of your body. You cannot open your eyes, you try to speak or shout but your lips are paralysed….you are scared stiff? But you later wake up panting and sweating profusely wondering what have happened to you.

Is Sleep Paralysis a spiritual attack?
Is Sleep Paralysis a spiritual attack or demonic attack? No. See reasons why.

Since you have no explanation, you ascribe your so called “near death” to spiritual, demonic and supernatural forces at work conniving to end your life.

But is this your assumption true?

Read below:

Sleep paralysis is not a spiritual attack and I will try my best to explain it a little to you to make you see it is not a demonic attack either..

There are five phases of sleep. From Non-REM 1 to 4 and then REM, known as Rapid Eye Movement Phase.

Stage 1 (NREM 1): Light sleep, the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Stage 2 (NREM 2): Deeper sleep characterized by sleep spindles and K-complexes.

Stage 3 (NREM 3): Deep sleep, with the presence of delta waves, often referred to as slow-wave sleep (SWS).

Stage 4 (NREM 4): Deeper sleep with a higher proportion of delta waves, also considered part of slow-wave sleep.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep: A stage characterized by rapid eye movements, increased brain activity, and vivid dreams.

Now, because the dream is so vivid in the REM state, people may begin to act out their dream. That’s why there’s a mechanism in place known as MUSCLE ATONIA or REM ATONIA. This mechanism keeps the muscles temporary paralysed so that you won’t start fighting Jackie Chan in real life because you’re dreaming of it.

Before we wake up normally, the stages of sleep reverses from the deep and dreamy REM 4 to NREM1, where sleep is lightest before reaching the wakeup stage.

If there’s now a disruption to this cycle on one wakes up in REM, their muscles will still be temporarily paralysed while the stages quickly work their ways backwards. It is during this few seconds that sleep paralysis occurs.

Factors such as sleep deprivation, irregular sleep schedules, religious overindulgence, drugs, some organic diseases, brain tumours, sleep disorders, stress, and anxiety may cause it.

Majority of our problems are not spiritual, we just haven’t been able to explain or unravel them yet.


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