Does weight loss tea really work?

❤️Definitely IT WORKS, you’ll lose fat but you won’t lose weight and thats exactly the misinformation behind detox teas and weightloss drinks. We are suppose to say FATLOSS not WEIGHTLOSS. We shouldn’t be losing Weight.

You can weigh 80kg and be healthier than someone that weighs 55kg. It’s lack of knowledge of Anatomy that makes us think the lesser you weigh the better and healthier.

What makes our weight up is LEAN MUSCLE and lean Muscle weighs more than FAT. This is why you can not use scale to judge yourself. Isreal Adesanya, the boxer weighs 100kg yet physically he looks like feather .

Have you ever taught about what makes these people weigh so much on the scale yet physically they look like they’ve not eaten in days.

Yehh!!! That’s the power of LEAN MUSCLE!! Detox tea will make you run to toilet several times throughout the day removing your body fluid and electrolytes through urination and that is exactly what makes it look like you’re LOSING WEIGHT. That’s unhealthy thing to do. You’ll be left dehydrated cos some of these teas contain high level of caffeine which is a diuretic and some that will make sure defecate like you want to pass out cos they have laxative makes you pee!!

That method of losing weight can never be sustained. You’re gonna struggle to maintain it. You notice the moment you go back eating your normal food , boom!! All the weight comes back.

❤️There are other healthy ways to lose a Viceral Fat and then Sustain it. You can’t diet for the rest of your life. You need to eat to achieve it contrary opinion that you have to starve yourself to lose weight…you will only lose your LEAN muscle thats suppose to be kept.

❤️Eat quality food especially GOOD FAT!!! Yes!!! Good fat will make you lose VICERAL FAT( the unwanted fat that settles on the Abdominal area). Let me stop here….cos I know there will be questions.


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