Do housejob in uk for international students 2023/2024


New doctors can now do house job in the U.K. if you schooled abroad or in Naija and do not want to do House job in Nigeria.

House job is equivalent to Foundation year 1 & 2 in the U.K.

U.K. FY1 Requirement for IMGs:

•Primary Medical Qualification
•Dean Statement.
•English evidence (IELTS score 8 or OET Band B).
•PLAB 1 &2
•GMC UK provisional license.
•UKFPO pass score .
•Apply for Eligibility July/AUG (the timeline changes every year)
•Apply for foundation (OCT/NOV)
•Situational Judgement test (DEC/JAN) -changes coming in 2024 to computer ranking system.
•Start Foundation year 1 (AUG the following year)
•Entry for FY1 is only once a year.

Do housejob in uk for international students
Do housejob in uk for international students by following these steps

PSA: If you’ve worked up to a year post graduation from Med school, you’re disqualified.

You will need to take either IELTS or OET to apply for eligibility which must be valid before the start of your internship(Foundation year1).
For IELTS you need a minimum of 8.0 and for OET you need a minimum of 400

•Pass PLAB1 AND 2.
However, you may not need to pass PLAB before you apply for eligibility. If you apply for eligibility and are successful, you can apply to GMC to give you preference with regards to plab dates.

•Apply for the Foundation training eligibility programme – Please see link for the eligibility programme and further details.

Eligibility Applications for UKFP – Home

•Here is a link to the website to apply for eligibility

•Eligibility Window:
This is usually between July and August, if successful, you can then apply for foundation/internship between October and November for the following year

•After eligibility approval and application for internship, there is a compulsory exam called the situational judgement test (SJT) which you take around December or January of the following year . But from 2024, SJT will not be needed anymore as they’ll start with computer ranking system.
You need a good score at the SJT exam to get your possible choice for the internship.

With PLAB1 and 2 results, you then apply for a GMC provisional license which will be converted to a full license upon completion of your internship or foundation training.

•Visa sponsorship can be granted upon successful application and allocation of a place for foundation training.

•Foundation training usually starts in August, so you need to follow a strategic timeline in order to start in August of the year you wish to start.

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