5 types of Onions and how best to cook with them.

Knowing the difference between these onions will help you cook like a professional chef.

5 types of Onions and how best to cook with them.

1. White Onions: Unpopular in Nigerian homes, unlike other onions, these particular onions will NOT make you cry when you cut them.

It is mild, less pungent, and has a sweet taste which makes it perfect for eating raw, salads, salsas and toppings.

White onions, a kind of onions

2. Red Onions: The idan of onions in Nigerian homes.

Mild, pungent and sweet. So colourful which makes it perfect for garnishes.

This onion is sweeter and releases a sumptuous aroma when heated which makes it ideal for cooking and frying.

5 types of Onions and how best to cook with them
Red onion is a type of onion

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3. Yellow Onions: Not ideal for eating raw but perfect for cooking, looks like sweet onions but milder and sweeter.

Like red onions, it is sweeter and smells heavenly when heated. Underrated magic.

Onion types and benefits

4. Spring onions are basically “underaged” onions.

To make the most of this onion, use them in two different parts, the white part for sautéing, while the green part is perfect for garnishing.

Do not cook this onion for too long. And lastly….

Onion types
Onion types

5. Shallots: I love to call them “small but mighty”.

They’re usually very tiny and easy to cook with.

They can withstand long cooking periods and they also have a garlic-like taste which makes them perfect for sautéing and stir-frying.

Types of onions and how to cook with them
Different species of onions

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