How to use sniper insecticide for cockroaches.

I inadvertently killed a native chicken while trying to get rid of cockroaches with sniper in 2020 and it still haunts me till today. It was collateral damage..

Here is my story on how i used sniper insecticide to totally eradicate cockroaches and wall geckos in the house:👇

I was visiting cousins in Lagos just after the lockdown and their apartment was infested with these tiny cockroaches. They’re called German cockroaches, and at least 30 baby roaches are contained in one egg sack. Now imagine over 100 mummy roaches. How many babies would that be? You do the math. The major problem with getting rid of them is that, owing to their size, it’s very easy for them to squeeze into tiny crevices and cracks especially in kitchen cabinets where they lay their eggs and leave them to hatch. One has to be very intentional about getting rid of them and boy was I the wrongest person they messed with.

How to use sniper insecticide for cockroaches
How to use sniper insecticide for cockroaches….just read

After my first night in the house, I knew that it was either me or them. I can’t stay in the same house with rats, or cockroaches so I swung into action the next day. I bought a small bottle of sniper, mixed it with kerosene for volume in a spray bottle and went to war. I sprayed every crevice I could find in the kitchen which was their headquarters and other parts of the apartment.

I watched with glee they as scrambled for safety, most likely screaming too, but they were no match for the organophosphate in sniper. Their newly hatched babies ran out of their hiding places, crying and looking for their mothers who had sadly been called to roach glory.

Satisfied that I had covered all the hot zones in the house, I told my cousins to look for a place for us to spend the next two days cos I didn’t want to sleep and the next thing I know, I’m dancing with roaches in the spirit world.

I know the roaches would have loved that, so I wasn’t taking chances.
Anyway, we got back two days later and were met with carcasses allover the house. Even the normal big cockroaches that were not my target caught stray bullets Geckos died too but then if they had done their job of eating all the insects in the house, I wouldn’t have had to go on an extermination mission so I wasn’t sorry.

Next thing was to clean up and thank goodness it wasn’t a big place cos I’d have been asking who sent me.

We washed up everything in the kitchen,

While in the house, we kept finding dead cockroaches (not the ones from Germany now cos I was able to get rid of all their eggs. The normal big ones) for the next one week, the children in the compound started finding dead lizards all over the place.

Apparently the lizards saw some dead roaches on the ground and thought dinner was served. Turned out to be their last supper.
I’m so sorry PETA, It wasn’t intentional.

Then the one that made me realize how really powerful sniper was. We found a dead chicken in the compound.

I was legit scared this time around because that was four days after I had used the sniper in the house so the chicken most likely ate one or two of the cockroaches we found at random, not one from the mass slaughter. How did the chemical reman so potent for that long?

After that day, I started burning any other roach I found dead in the house. I couldn’t have any more blood on my hands and I’ve lived with the guilt of killing that poor native fowl ever since.

This is my confession.

Shy Joanie


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