difference between paracetamol tablets and capsules?

Paracetamol capsules are now available in the markets…

Here is how paracetamol capsules is different from its tablets.

1. Paracetamol capsules has a shorter onset of action than the tablets. That means when you take a paracetamol capsule for your body pains, you start feeling the effects in relieving your pains faster than when you take the tablet

2. Paracetamol capsule has a larger bioavailability than the tablet…this means a large amount of its active ingredient get absorbed into the blood stream for its action. Paracetamol tablet has a small bioavailability.

3. Paracetamol capsules has a better and faster absorption rate than the tablets. This makes the onset of action of paracetamol faster.

4. Unlike the capsule, paracetamol tablet is breakable and can be split into two….this makes it possible for small does of paracetamol tablet to be taken and given to even children…

5. Paracetamol capsules has a shorter shelf life than the capsules… paracetamol capsules expires faster than the #tablets.

difference between paracetamol tablets and capsules?
Paracetamol comes in different forms now

6. Paracetamol capsules may contain animal products like gelatin which makes it unsuitable for strict vegans.

7. Paracetamol tablet absorption and bioavailability is greatly unpredictable

8. Paracetamol capsule can survive stomach acid longer than the tablets.

9. Paracetamol #tablet is still by far more popular than the #capsules.

Paracetamol still remains the most popular over the counter painkiller out there and it is relatively safe. However, care must be taken to avoid it’s misuse and overdose as it can can liver toxicity and liver failure.


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