Can unripe plantain peel be eaten raw?

There is no special benefits that is attached to eating plantain peel raw. This is very unhealthy and the thought of it is even disgusting.

Yes…I know that a lot of people do anything to get well when they are sick…but common, eating raw plantain peel for health reasons is too low….

Can unripe plantain peel be eaten raw?
Can unripe plantain peel be eaten raw? No, don’t.

Eating raw plantain peel is dangerous. It can make you sick, cause you allergies, running stomach, itching etc

If you are sick go to the hospital and stop looking for quick fixes to your health. Stop listening to those social media health expats that spew all sorts of thrash that could kill. Becareful.

No body is saying you can’t eat plantain here, just make sure it is cooked and not raw.

If you want to use plantain water for medicinal purposes like for ulcer, you boil both the plantian and the back first before sieving the water to drink. Don’t eat them raw.

Health Benefits of eating Plantain that you should know

1. Aids Pregnancy Nutrition

2. Helps Control Blood Sugar

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

4. Reduces Constipation

5. Helps Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia especially in pregnant women and in children.

To end this article, please be reminded that you should never eat raw plantain peel or banana peels.


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