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Plantain is filled with several vitamins and minerals good for your body; your skin and hair. This perennial crop can be used as a remedy for snake and insect bites. It can also be externally applied on skin surfaces of rashes and cuts.

As far back years ago, the leaves of plantain were used to cure ailments such as cold, flu and fever. It is highly beneficial as it is packed with medicinal properties and compositions such as: aucubin, tannins, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-irritant properties. The leaves can also be made into a tea and used to treat ulcers, indigestion and heartburns.

We’ve compiled for your reading pleasure the benefits of drinking boiled plantain water.

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Benefits of drinking boiled plantain water

Drinking boiled plantain water comes with a number of benefits.

Here are some of them:

Promotes Digestive Health:

Drinking boiled plantain water is believed to assist with digestive problems such as indigestion. To use, make a tincture or tea from plantain by boiling it in few cups of water and take this daily.

Treat Heartburns:

Boiled plantain water can also be used to treat ulcers and heartburns. Regular intake of a cup of boiled plantain water should do the trick.

Benefits of drinking boiled plantain water
Plantain water cures ulcer


The leaves of plantain can also be used to treat ulcers.

Cures Insect bites:

Plantain water contain anti-irritant properties that reduces itchiness or rashes from insects bites (ants, wasps, flies, bees).

Acts as a Natural Diuretic:

Plantain water can serve as a natural diuretic. It allows for frequent urination. It also helps with detoxification, by eliminating toxins from the kidneys and bladders. It is a good probiotic choice for people with bladder disorders/problems.

Eases Pre-menstrual Syndrome:

Plantain water extract can be used to ease periods accompanied with cramps and pains, as well heavy bleeding. For women who experience heavy bleeding periods, it can slow or reduce heavy bleeding.

Promote Hair health:

Boiled plantain water can also be used as hair rinse. This is to remove all forms of debris, excess oil and product buildup that may have accumulated on the hair. To use, boil some plantain or plantain leaves in water. Once boiled, take it off the heat and add in cool water. Regular rinsing of your hair with plantain water can provide your hair with the necessary moisture and protein content required for hair length retention.

Reduce scalp inflammations and infections:

Boiled plantain water is also beneficial in treating scalp infections such as: psoriasis, dry scalp, dandruff. This is due to the presence of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in plantain water. Thus, assist with decreasing inflammations that can cause scalp infections.

Treats Acne and skin problems:

Using products made from plantain extract can be beneficial for skin problems like acne. Topical application of products containing plantain water can help reduce inflammation and the effects of scarring from cuts and wounds. It assists in wound healing too.


There you have it- benefits of drinking boiled plantain water. However, more research needs to be conducted on this, as there are limited documented evidence on this topic of interest.

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