Can a pregnant woman take super apeti? Can Super Apeti cause miscarriage?

The active ingredient in super apeti is cyproheptadine – an antihistamine.

Antihistamine are relatively safe in pregnancy so it is safe to say super apeti is good/safe for pregnant women.

Super apeti plus can be taken by pregnant women to stimulate their appetite for food but mind you, not in the place of your routine antenatal drugs like folic acid, iron supplements, vitamin C, calcium etc.

Can a pregnant woman take super apeti?
Super apeti is safe in pregnancy.

The most feared side effects of using super apeti in pregnancy is the possible excessive weight gain by the mother and unborn baby…which can cause big baby syndrome and difficult labour.

Super apeti does not cause miscarriage or PREGNANCY loss and neither does it cause congenital birth defects.

Ensure you discuss with your doctor, before taking super apeti if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a beaut thing, but watch what you eat, drink or drugs you take for the sake of your baby.


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