Benefits of banana and Groundnut sexually (Does banana and groundnut increase sperm)

Not being able to satisfy one’s partner se*ually can be so embarrassing. It also comes with its own fair share of guilt. Often times than not, most men are in this loop. They find it hard sat*isfying their women. Lack of satisfaction in bed can be caused by poor or weak erection, premature ejaculation, low drive, low testosterone production, low sperm count, etc. For women, is often due to low libido or irregular hormonal production.

Although, there are other external factors that could result to a boring secx life, such as the use of drugs, stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, health issues, lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle and even unhealthy diet. Certain foods can help spice up your ssexxual life, bananas and groundnuts are part of such foods.

If this is you, be it male or female, experiencing sexuall troubles especially as it relates to low sperm count or low libido. Then, this article is for you.

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This article aims to discuss the benefits of banana and groundnut sexually.


Banana, is one fruit with amazing benefits. As an aphrodisiac, the sexual benefits are worth acknowledging. Banana has the potential to improve sperm count, boost mood, energy, alongside other benefits. Banana is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that makes it not only delicious, but highly nutritional. Some of the key minerals in banana include: bromelain (enzyme), carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, proteins and potassium. It is also loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids and other compounds.

Generally, bananas are greatly loved by most people. You can find it on almost everyone’s favorite fruit list. Not only is it affordable but convenient too, it can easily serve as recipes and side dishes. However, a popular combination that blends well with bananas is groundnut; be it roasted or boiled. This super-food is a well-known snack by most Nigerians and even globally.

Benefits of banana and groundnut sexually

Here are some great benefits eating bananas and groundnut can offer you sexually:

Boost mood:

Bananas contain an amino acid, tryptophan that helps improve mood. Tryptophan works by facilitating the production of serotonin, a ‘feel-good’ hormone released by the brain. This hormone provides the feeling of happiness, eases anxiety or depression. Serotonin also help reduce stress levels. A combination of banana and groundnut will help increase your libido levels. Thereby, set you in a great mood for knacks.

Benefits of banana and Groundnut sexually
Benefits of banana and Groundnut sexually… numerous

Increase LIBIDO:

There are lot of ways to increase libido. Eating bananas is one of them. Bromelain, and potassium in banana assist the body with blood flow. This enzyme ensures blood is circulated to all regions in the body, even down to the privates. An increased blood flow sure do make “the moments” intimate.

Increase testosterone levels:

If as a man, you have lost libido or experiencing difficulty in attaining pleasur..; we recommend you try out bananas and groundnuts. Adding this combo to your diet will help increase your testosterone levels. An improved male hormone can help re-ignite libido and bedpower.

Increases sperm count:

Bananas promote the production of healthy sperm cells and further help increase sperm count. This is attributed to the presence of bromelain and other essential nutrients like vitamin B, and C. Generally, they help boost sperm health.

Increase energy:

To be able to perform and last long in bed, you need great stamina. Bananas are excellent sources of carbohydrates and B-vitamins- they help increase energy production. Eating banana and groundnut 30mins before intercourse will help provide the needed energy boost for a passionate ….

Improves prostate health:

Bananas contain magnesium and manganese, two essential nutrients required for optimum prostate health in men. Therefore, regular consumption of bananas with groundnut can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Treat erectile dysfunction:

Bananas and groundnut can also help manage erectile dysfunction. Eating these snacks regularly can help you prevent premature ejaculation and gives you strong lasting erections.

Boost confidence:

Bananas are also filled with nutrients that increases performance and confidence in bed too. For instance, the presence of fiber in bananas promote weight loss. This is especially good for women, who have concerns about their body weight. Losing accumulated and belly fat can help them regain confidence and self-esteem. In turn, this can boost their confidence and enhance their performance in bed.


Want to be able to have and enjoy an “special time” with your partner? Try including banana and groundnut in your diet. For best results, consume one or two medium sized banana with groundnuts as frequent as you can. You can also eat with rice, add as an ingredient into your cakes, smoothies, cereals or yoghurts.

Groundnut and banana banana combo is an aphrodisiac.

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