Nsenene benefits. Health benefits and Nutritional value that you should know.

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Do you eat grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars etc? Well, they are edible and Ugandans enjoy eating a form of grasshoppers they call nsenene……

Nsenene has some health benefits and Nutritional value that you should know

Guys have you heard of NSENENE, a delicious insect cherished by the people of Uganda?

Nsenene is the Luganda name for Ruspolia differens: a bush cricket in the tribe Copiphorini of the ‘cone-head’ subfamily.

Most found in rainy season, can be sold fresh, can be boiled, fried, used as topping on pizza.

For Ugandans that strives to achieve weight loss or hope to remain in shape, it is important you enjoy to eat nsenene as it will help you.

Nsenene benefits
The many nsenene benefits are innumerable you know.

Has higher protein than any other thing, they are rich in Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, calcium, manganese, vitamin B2, B5, folic acid, biotic among others..

Nsenene is low is calorie and high in protein…so it does not cause weight gain….

Grasshoppers nsenene is low in cholesterol, so it is perfect for heart heart and for persons living with hypertension

The low cholesterol that nsenene contains ensures that it is a super food that does not clog the blood vessels with fats. It prevents stoke and cardiac arrest.

People living with diabetes, that is diabetics can eat nsenene (grasshoppers) as it does not raise their blood sugar to frightening proportions. Rather, because it has low glycemic index, nsenene helps to control blood sugar.

Nsenene contains a lot of fibres . This make it a meat of choice for persons with hemorrhoids or piles as many Ugandans call it.

What name do you call this in your Language? I noticed Nigerians and other west African countries also eat grasshoppers but they call it a different name.

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