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A mixture of banana and honey is a fine blend of two nutritious ingredients. They are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. The banana and honey mixture is great nutritional supplement for both children and adults, especially those who are underweight. It is also effective in increasing blood quality and sexual function.

Bananas are full of Potassium, Manganese, vitamin B6, C, and more. Honey, on the other hand is rich in Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Vitamins B1, B6, C and other essential minerals.

Honey and Banana Health Benefits

The following are the health benefits of honey and banana:

Prevent infections: The vitamin C in banana can help prevent and fight infections. Honey also possess antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that assist with fighting bacterial and other infections. Honey and banana can help relieve you of cough, and nasal congestion. It also enables you cope with cold.

Regulates blood pressure: One medium sized banana contains over 9% of an individual’s potassium recommended dietary needs. Hence, banana and honey can help keep your blood pressure in check, due to the presence of potassium.

Promote heart health: Antioxidants and vitamin C are highly beneficial for the heart. They also help reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, stroke and other associated conditions. Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium and Folate are all found in bananas. Thus, a mixture of banana and honey will be highly beneficial for your heart health.

Promote healthy sleep: Honey and Banana are great for consumption for a healthy sleep pattern. It helps you cope with stress, (especially pre-examination stress in students) and insomnia. Vitamin B in honey and banana can help produce a calming effect on the body.

Improve Digestive Health: Bananas are good sources of fiber and water. These nutrients help improve digestive health and allow for free bowel movement. Therefore, a mixture of banana and honey will aid proper digestion and prevent digestive issues.

Honey and banana health benefits
Honey and banana health benefits are innumerable when combined

Increase Energy: Bananas are great for energy replenishment after workout, as they can restore energy rapidly after a long period of training at the gym. Regular consumption can also help eliminate fatigue, weakness and tiredness that may come with it.

Improve Skin and Hair care: Honey and banana benefits are much appreciated in cosmetology. A mix of these two will do your skin and hair more good than harm. They do not irritate the skin, which allows you apply them regularly as you desire. They contain nutrients that have revitalizing and moisturizing effects.

Vitamin C in banana can help prevent wrinkles early, as well as slow down ageing process. Vitamin E also help treat acne and other blemishes, improve complexion, as well as keep your skin supple and smooth. Very often, honey and banana mixture are used as masks for the skin and hair.

Applying honey and banana masks on your hair can be therapeutic, as much cosmetic. They are full of vitamins that can help with hair strengthening and growth. Regular application of the honey and banana mask can also make your hair soft and silky.

Improve mood: Bananas contain an amino acid known as tryptophan, that converts into serotonin (the hormone of happiness). This fine blend can also serve as an antidepressant. A daily consumption can help improve mood and stimulate the feeling of happiness. Additionally, banana and honey mixture can help increase memory and cognition.

Boost sexual health: Honey and banana are great nutritional supplements for managing sexual dysfunctions and weaknesses. They are regarded as natural aphrodisiacs. They help improve sexual functions and libido. The combo of honey and banana is beneficial for males as it helps increase sperm count by stimulating the body to produce more testosterone.

How to prepare the Honey and Banana mixture

To prepare; simply follow these procedures:

Ingredients needed:

A regular sized banana
One teaspoon of honey


Using a blender, mash up a banana till smoothened
Pour into a cup
Add a teaspoon of honey

How to Use the Honey and Banana mixture

This mixture can be directly consumed or applied on the skin and hair as masks. They can help eliminate skin flaking and dryness, dry hair, boost hair growth or serve as a nutritional supplement.

How to prepare the Honey and Banana mask

Ingredients needed:

Two bananas
A tablespoon of honey


Mash up two bananas in a bowl.
Mix all ingredients together (honey, or any other ingredient) and apply on the face or hair.
Wait for a min. of 20 minutes.
Then wash and rinse off the mask with warm water.
You can apply a cream afterwards

You can add other supplements such as creams, egg yolk, oatmeal, almond or coconut oil as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I consume the Honey and Banana mixture?

You can consume twice daily, an hour before meals.

How long do I use the Honey and Banana mixture?

A period of one month is enough to see its effects.

How many times a week should I apply the mask?

For positive results, apply 2-3 times a week.

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