Is cow skin good for diabetics?

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Ponmo,kpomo, Kanda or cowskin is a perfect diet for persons living with diabetes….cowskin is good for diabetics because it contains low cholesterol, low fats, low protein, low sugar and high amount of fibres….

Ponmo or cowskin has low glycemic index and so to to raise blood sugar to frightening proportions, rather, it helps in the control of blood glucose levels.

Persons with diabetes milletus are safe to eat cowskin with fear of any health complications…

Are you diabetic? Enjoy your Ponmo in peace.

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It is wrong to say ponmo has no nutritional value because there are several health benefits of eating ponmo which are derived from its nutritional profile

Do you know compare to regular meat, ponmo is very good dietary roughage, it helps the process of digestion very well

Ponmo is a low calorie food, it reduces the overall energy intake and help in loosing weight

It contains a lot of collagen which is the most abundant protein in the body

Ponmo is a low fat food and perfect for weight loss and staying in shape.

Is cow skin good for diabetics?
Is cow skin good for diabetics? Yes… enjoy it

It is a very good source of dietary fiber which are important for our digestion health and regular bowel movement

Ponmo also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc
And many more

It contains protein which is needed by the body for healthy growth and repair of body tissues

It contains collagen which is very important as far as one’s skin health is concerned and bone health… collagen is very important for wound healing.

It is considered to be very good for the digestive system because it contains roughages and fibres which aid in digestion and bowel movement

Now you can go ahead and enjoy your ponmo

Summary; a diabetic can eat Ponmo because it does not elevate blood sugar or blood cholesterol. Cow skin is very rich in fibres, a component of food that encourages bowel movement and prevent constipation in diabetics.

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