Can shawarma cause cancer

Does shawarma cause cancer?

From research, the answer to this question is YES…

Citing credible researches, Dr Penking, a social media health influencer has warned the general public against the excessive consumption of shawarma, saying that sharwama contains some form of cancer causing chemicals.

See his write-up below:

Shawarma can cause cancer
Shawarma can cause #cancer
Shawarma can cause #cancer
Shawarma can cause cancer
#Shawarma can cause #cancer
Shawarma can cause cancer
Shawarma can cause cancer
Shawarma can cause cancer
#Shawarma can cause #cancer

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Shawarma has become a stable junk in Nigeria, mostly preferred by young ladies who almost can’t go a day without taking a bite. Is it safe?

Before we delve into the dangers of Shawarma, perhaps it would be wise to discuss its health benefits, and yes, there are a handful of health benefits.

-Good shawarma are usually prepared with a lot of vegetables and this is a good form of fiber which ensures a healthy Digestive system

Can shawarma cause cancer?
Can #shawarma cause cancer? Yes

-Some shawarma are made with chicken which is a good source of protein, vitamins and some healthy fats

– Shawarma contains a lot of carbs and calories which can be useful in people trying to gain weight

Now the health risks
A bill of the health risks of shawarma are centred around the hotdog 🌭 which is processed meat classified as a Class A carcinogen. Carcinogens are items which have the propensity to cause cancer.

Hotdogs also contain preservatives and unhealthy fatty acids which is detrimental to heart health and brain healthy .

Of course, having a bite of Shawarma will not automatically give you cancer.

These things are cumulative effects.

What can you do to help yourself ?

Always have it at the back of your mind that Shawarma is unhealthy. Therefore

-Reduce how frequently you eat them

-Go for the ones with more vegetables and fresh meat instead of hotdog

-If it’s possible to give instructions to exclude hotdog, do it

Taking health advise from Doctör Penking will not make you live forever, but you’ll live a longer and happier life and will not die an avoidable death.


Africans these days now carry a huge cancer burden because of the westernization of our diet and lifestyles. The green leafy vegetables and natural foods we used to eat has now given way to pizza,hotdogs, cookies and sharwama….

No wonder we now openly deride foods like agbado, yam and cassava…..we want to hear foods like pizza and cookies. Here is why cancer is on the rise in Africa.


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