Tocovid Suprabio: benefits, uses,indications, contraindications, composition, dosage, side effects

What is Tocovid Tablet used for?

🎉 🎉Introducing #TOCOVID SupraBio, 🎊🎊a clinically proven formula with mixed tocotrienols to boost Liver Health and Protect you from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)! 🎯

#TOCOVID SupraBio is a potent antioxidant with bio-enhanced formula to increase absorption up to 300% and has been clinically proven to reach the human vital cells with just two 💊💊soft gels per day.

👉It is suitable for people who have hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease (NAFLD).


#Tocovid is a capsule that contains vitamin E as its active ingredient.

With the new bio-optimum absorption system, the contents of the soft gelatin capsule of tocovid supraBio forms emulsion instantly upon contact with the fluid in our stomach.

Therefore its absorption no longer depends on food and fat intake. Not only does this increase the absorption of T3s by 200% to 300%, but a more consistent and complete absorption is ensured.

Tocovid Suprabio: benefits, uses, composition, dosage, side effects
#Tocovid suprabio provides the needed vitality.

What is Tocovid Tablet used for? See the benefits of tocovid

Tocotrienols (T3) in TOCOVID SupraBio are important as they protect the body cells from damages by being a substitute target for free radicals.

Free radicals are very reactive. They attack healthy cells. We are most often subjected to free radicals from air pollution, cigarette smoke, UV radiation, fried and burnt food and from food contaminants like pesticides. If their effects are not neutralized, free radicals may pose a potential danger in causing arterial damage, cataract, skin damage, Alzheimer’s disease and premature aging.

T3s are mostly extracted in their natural form from palm oil and rice oil. Among these two, palm tocotrienols possess a higher content of delta- and gamma-tocotrienol, 2 of the most effective tocotrienols, shown in studies to have potential in lowering cholesterol, and preventing the processes that clog arteries.

Tocovid is used by pregnant women to aid the development of the unborn baby during formation of vital organs.

Tocovid boost ovulation and increase sperm production and motility….hence tocovid is known to boost fertility.

Patients with chest infections from covid -19 (coronavirus), pneumonia, tuberculosis will benefit from tocovid

Stroke, asthma, diabetic, sickle cell anemia patients etc will benefit from tocovid as it helps to regenerate injured cells from toxic radicals.

Tocovid vitality is good for the development of bones and muscles, brain health, boost energy, boost the immune system, liver health, and promote both eye and gut health.

Tocovid is not contraindicated in any age group or condition.

Safety and side effect of tocovid capsules

Toxicological and pharmacological studies indicate that palm T3s are safe even when consumed at doses as high as 2500mg/kg body weight.

No adverse effect has been reported. Furthermore, its contents are 100% natural, conferring only the best benefits phytonutrients can offer. Dont take ovetdose of it though.

Recommended dosage of tocovid

50mg : 1 to 2 soft gelatin capsules a day.
100mg : 1 soft gelatin capsule a day.
200mg : 1 soft gelatin capsule a day.


50mg soft gelatin capsule x 30’s, 60’s.
100mg soft gelatin capsule x 30’s, 60’s.
200mg soft gelatin capsule x 30’s.


Store below 25°C.
Protect from light and moisture.

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121, Jalan Tunknu Abdul Rahman, 30010 Ipoh Malaysia.

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