Where can a physiotherapist work in Nigeria?

Physiotherapy is a versatile course which has a wide range of employment locations; not only in hospitals but a seemingly singular job description.

Having a singular job description however, does not mean the methods used are the same as Physiotherapists may make use of various treatment methods such as; massage, heat treatment, and exercise all towards the singular goal of physical fitness of their patients.

Physiotherapy is a medical health care profession that deals with the restoration, maintenance, and maximization of people’s strength, function, movement, and their general wellbeing.

Where can a physiotherapist work in Nigeria?
Where can a physiotherapist work in Nigeria?

Physiotherapists are health workers who have special skills in diagnosing and treating various illnesses that may have resulted through injury.

They also take care of people with disabilities that may have occurred as a result of accidents or certain neurological and cardio-thoracic conditions resulting in a hindered ability to freely move certain body parts, especially as it relates to bones and muscles.

There is direct access to physiotherapy in Nigeria and patients of both private and public health services are able to refer themselves to a Physiotherapist without going through another health professional.

Physiotherapists have clinical autonomy; they may access their patients, make diagnoses, provide treatment and/or prevention services, and also refer to other health services. Also, physiotherapists are permitted to offer private services to patients as long as they maintain their registration/ licensure.

Where can a physiotherapist work in Nigeria?

The following are the places where a licensed Physiotherapist can work in Nigeria. They include;

👉Community clinics
👉Psychiatric hospitals
👉General hospitals
👉Fitness seminars
👉Private Physiotherapy clinics
👉Orthopaedic hospitals
👉Sports/Football clubs
👉Industrial clinics
👉Home services
👉Research centers
👉Tertiary Institutions (As lecturers or sport and fitness directors)
👉Physical Fitness centers
👉Federal Medical centers
👉Private hospitals

A Physiotherapist working in Nigeria averagely earns about 270,000 naira per month. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. . Income of Physiotherapists may also be higher because of their ability to offer private services to patients which may sometimes be more expensive than the normal hospital Physiotherapy appointment.

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