How lucrative is medical laboratory science in Nigeria?

Medical Laboratory Science is an averagely lucrative course in Nigeria. It is a somewhat popular profession as people recognize its role in the health care providing team. Without Medical Laboratory Scientist, correct medical diagnosis would be virtually impossible! In cases of illnesses with similar symptoms such as Malaria and Typhoid without Medical Laboratory Scientists to carry out tests on body samples to accurately identify the causative agent and extent of infection, chances are that you would be treated for the wrong illness which may end up being fatal.

Medical laboratory science is the use of chemical laboratory tests to detect, diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases. Blood, tissue, and body fluids can be chemically analyzed and examined for foreign organisms and abnormalities.

How lucrative is medical laboratory science in Nigeria?
How lucrative is medical laboratory science in Nigeria?

A Medical laboratory scientist aims to analyze a variety of biological specimens. They perform scientific testing on samples and relay results to physicians. They use sophisticated clinical equipment like microscopes, cell counters and other high precision equipment to carry out tests in chemistry, hematology, immunology, transfusion medicine, and microbiology.

The decision of a physician regarding a patient’s diagnosis, hospital admission, treatment, and discharge is heavily dependent on a Medical laboratory scientists report. While it doesn’t give you as much financial benefits/ security as professions such as Medicine, Pharmacy, or Nursing, it’s not so bad. Generally and at the end of the day it provides enough to provide for basic needs, some level of enjoyment like eating at a fancy restaurant once in a while, having savings and funding retirement(saving) plans as well as insurance.

Medical Laboratory Science is one of the most relevant and important parts of the healthcare providing team as they affect diagnosis directly and a physicians decision concerning a patient largely. To become a Medical Laboratory Scientist, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science which takes about four years in a university and an optional period for internship (usually a year or two). The average salary of a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria is about 123,000 naira per month though this may vary depending on employer, location, the type of institution and experience. It may also come with additional benefits such as paid work-free days, free medication, and so on……

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