Can I mix SMA gold with pap? Can I mix NAN baby formula with pap?

On no account should you mix pap with baby formulas like SMA gold or baby NAN with pap or Akamu. You either decide to give your child pap,NAN or SMA gold but never mixed together.

You cannot and should not add SMA gold to your baby’s

You cannot and should not add NAN to baby’s pap …

You can however, add ground crayfish, milk, sugar, groundnut, soyabeans to your baby’s pap.

Also read this passage below….

Culled from Facebook and I agree with the poster:

Please, enough of all these babies’ weight loss and gain problems.

As a mother, if you notice that your baby is losing weight, then take your child to see a pediatrician. They are in the best position to tell you what to do after a thorough examination.

Can I mix SMA gold with pap
Can I mix SMA gold with pap? No.Dont also mix NAN with pap.

Also, in the body mass, some people have big bones, which also adds up to their weight.

The most important things to look out for in your baby are, is he/she active and looking healthy.

If you are feeding them healthy and natural food, just relax and watch them in the future.

Some of the fat and robost babies that are fed with processed and junk foods you are comparing your child to, are likely to be at risk of having Type 2 diabetes and health problem in the future.

So please my gender, let’s stop stressing ourselves.

For your pap, mix the three grains, corn, millet, and guinea corn, if you want, or give single grain or two out of the three.

Add your baby milk, breastmilk, or soya beans.

For me, I fed my kids with the three grains + Soya beans+ Breastmilk+ Nan milk, when I am feeding them with pap. I chose between these 🖕.

You can’t see my kids then, and wouldn’t want to carry them or wish to have that kind of baby.
I am not boasting.

So feed your kids with healthy and natural foods and leave the rest to God.

If you can’t prepare the pap by yourself due to circumstances beyond your control, you can reach out to Evon Foods to order a fresh and healthy pap for your kids.

Thank you.

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