is wheat flour or bread good for diabetic patients? is wheat good for diabetic patients?

Aunty Oriyomi: What did you have for dinner before coming to my house??
My friend: You know I won’t get here without eating now so I only had something “light” . I had some wheat with some Egusi soup.
Aunty Oriyomi: something light?? WHEAT?? And you had a cup made into swallow?? My friend that’s not light ooo.

My friend: Not light ke? Sebi it’s lighter than EBA and Iyan now ..

This scenario is what plays out all the time with us when we don’t understand CALORIC EFFECT OF FOODS ON OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. We need to understand that sometimes something Natural or wholemeal can still cause harm if care is not taken.
Calorie wise, Wheat is higher than Garri…

is wheat good for diabetic patients
is wheat good for diabetic patients? Yes

When you make Wheat into swallow, a cup is like 450 to 460 calories…that can spike blood and put pressure on insulin response.

And if you’re diabetic, this shouldn’t even be considered as your go to meal …almost all its calories come from the Carb. …and if you must eat it… PORTION CONTROL!!! PORTION CONTROL!!! OF COURSE IT CONTAINS NUTRIENTS AND FIBER PROVIDED IT’S WHOLE….BUT MOST OF THE SHOP BOUGHT ONES HAVE BEEN HIGHLY REFINED AND PROCESSED STRIPPING IT ALL ITS ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS.

Summary….natural wheat meal is good for diabetes patients. Eat it and enjoy it.

Please Speak to a Nutritionist or a dietitian to make a better choice when it comes to Food.


Rhodiyah Oriyomi


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