Best enlargement cream for male in South Africa, uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan..

Let me me it clear now, male enlargement creams like permanent enlargement creams, V95 creams, Max man enlargement creams etc are scams ….they creams do not help to enlarge the male organ….forget it and keep your hard earned money.

No cream can enlarge the penis, no amount of cream can make it increase in size or length.

The people selling the product to you are aware that you can’t come out to drag them in the open and this is their saving grace.

As a man, accept what God has given you and learn to live with it, learn to please your woman with it and say the grace.

If you are also fat as a man, your penis will start to shrink, expecially when you gain fat in your lower abdomen area, it will start to look shorter and that’s because the thick pad of fat starts to envelop the shaft of your penis.

Now you see why some women don’t want to marry a fat man, you gained those weight and you can also lose them if you are deliberate.

Aside the issue of small penis, obesity is linked to many of the chronic ailments out there such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure and so on.

Dr Joseph Nelson wrote 👇👇👇👇
W.H.O declares:

– Obesity is an epidemic and it is alarming.

– No country has shown determination to end obesity

– Obesity will overtake smoking as the leading cause of cancer.

“Your penis stops growing at 21,there’s nothing like penis enlargement cream.

Stop listening to road side herbalists”..

Another thing that may make you have a small penis in cigarettes or shisha smoking. Alcohol may not cause your penis to shrink but may be responsible for your weak erection.

Beware of penis enlargement creams, they are scams.

Omatade Mack


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