Who is the richest medical laboratory scientist in Nigeria…

This is an absurd question and you will never find any meaningful answer I can assure you. How will you know the wealth or riches of a medical lab Scientist if I may ask? There is no way you can measure the riches of a lab Scientist.

80 percent of medical lab Scientists in Nigeria work for the federal or state owned hospitals or labs….which is also part of civil service. Working as a med lab Scientist from 9am -5pm will not make you super rich ….the pay is not that good. It will only make you an average middle class citizen. A medical laboratory scientist earns around #100,000 – #200,000 salary monthly.

Who is the richest medical laboratory scientist in Nigeria
Super rich lab Scientists…how to make money in the medical lab Science profession.

You can only be one of the so called richest Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria if you are able to establish a world class diagnostic laboratory, you will make monster money more than your peers. You cannot not be the richest lab Scientist if you are working for govt or in a private lab. Understand this.

If you want to practice laboratory science in Nigeria with good monetary returns, then you will have to establish your lab and take time to build it. You can start small don’t worry.

Summary: Nigeria lab Scientist are not that rich . At least, from the practice, but you at strive to make money money than your colleagues from private practice if you strive to be like Dangote.

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