How To use ewedu to cure ulcer….can ewedu (jute leaves) cure stomach ulcer?

Ewedu, or jute leaves, is a common green leafy vegetable in Nigeria, especially amongst the Western tribe (Yorubas). Botanically known as Corchorus olitorius, and Ahihara in Igbo language, it is used mainly for cooking. The Yorubas use it to make a popular soup known as Ewedu soup, usually served with a staple starch- Amala.

How To use ewedu to cure ulcer
Ewedu can relieve stomach ulcer pains and heartburns

Ewedu is a mucilage herb rich in Vitamins A, C, E, Beta Carotene, Calcium, Iron, and more. It is beneficial for the eyes, bones, teeth, immune system as well as the skin. This green leafy vegetable has shown to be an effectube treatment for Ulcer. It is not just a remedy for ulcer, but also a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders, piles, inflammatory diseases, aches and pains, irritated mucous membrane conditions amongst others. It can completely cure over 70% of all peptic ulcers.

What are Peptic Ulcers?

Peptic ulcers are ulcers that develop in the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, duodenum, oesophagus). They come off as lesions, an abrasion of the lining in the area developed. Please note that peptic ulcers affect all genders (men and women) and is majorly caused by a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori. Other causes include the use, abuse and misuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen, alcohol addiction, smoking, stress, excessive intake of caffeinated products (such as coffee). All these factors give rise to ulcer development conditions. They disturb the balance of the stomach’s environment, increase stomach acid produced- hydrochloric acid (HCL), or cause an imbalance of the digestive enzyme-pepsin.

Why Ewedu is a Good Remedy for Ulcer

The pharmacological signicance of Ewedu cannot be over-emphasized. Experts have shown that Ewedu (jute leaves) and root have antacid activity that makes it a remedy for ulcer. The water extracts of Ewedu has about 71.33% antacid activity of a drug (International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences, 2016). The leaves contains ulcer-healing effects similar to that of an anti-ulcer drug. It helps manage stomach acidity, reduces stomach acid (HCL) produced and Helicobacter pylori levels.

How To Use Ewedu to Cure Ulcer

In this article. I will explain to you how to make “Ewedu drink for Ulcer”. People have different ways in which they prepare Ewedu drink. I will be sharing the commonest and easiest method which is the blending method. Some people add cayenne pepper while preparing, please note that this isn’t good for ulcer patients.

Spicy foods (and ingredients) are known to aggravate ulcer condition. They can trigger an increase in stomach acid, and as such cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, avoid adding pepper while preparing your Ewedu drink.

Ingredients required:

👉Ewedu or jute leaves
👉Overripe pawpaw (optional)
👉Salt (optional)


👉Wash your Ewedu leaves thoroughly.
👉Place them in a blender, and blend for a minute, till smooth.
👉You can add a pinch of salt if you desire while blending.
👉Pour mix into a glass cup.

For those who would love to mix with overripe pawpaw:

👉Add your prepared diced pawpaw to the jute leaves in the blender.
👉Add a pinch of salt if you desire.
👉Blend till smooth.
👉Mix and stir well.
👉Pour the mixture in a glass cup.


Drink a cup or two of Ewedu drink daily for a minimal period of two weeks.You can extend if you wish.


Ewedu drink is generally safe and healthy for human consumption. Since it has no side effects, there is no restriction to how many glasses of ewedu drink you can consume daily. However, it is advisable you consume in moderate amounts. Discontinue use if it yields no result or causes you allergies, and seek medical assistance immediately- See your Doctor or Physician.

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