Is semolina good, safe and healthy for babies? Does semolina cause constipation in babies? Is semolina good for baby weight gain

Please mothers, Semo is not a food meant for babies. It is loaded with preservatives meant for adult body system not babies, secondly it is very poor nutritionally.

Give baby pap, tom brown, ground fish and cray fish and other baby foods.

My message is this, give baby pap if you can not afford expensive baby foods like cerelac etc. Your baby is not competing with anybody’s child. All that matters is a healthy baby.

Is semolina healthy for babies?
Is semolina healthy for babies?

Stop feeding semo to babies, it is not baby friendly. You can also consult a nutritionist or a baby doctor for better clarification. Stop doing trial and errors with babies.

The gastrointestinal system of babies is not suited for swallows like semolina…This is because semolina can cause constipation in babies. Semolina is also a source of food allergies in children. Don’t give semolina to babies less than than 1 year

When can I give semolina to my baby?

You cannot give semolina to your baby at 4 months or 6months, for whatever reason even though it is for weight gain…Mothers who introduce semolina to their babies when they start eating semisolid foods should stop it. It can cause constipation or food allergies induced diarrhoea or bloating. You can however, give semolina to your baby at 1 year and above. At this age, your baby’s system is strong enough to accommodate it.

A 1 year old baby derives some benefits from eating semolina- semolina is rich in iron and even fortified with vitamin A….Semolina is very good for weight gain in skinny one year or two year old babies. The iron in semolina helps to boost hemoglobin and encourage red blood blood production.

Summary: Semolina is not good for baby less than one year..Semolina in 3, 4 or 6 months old babies can cause constipation and severe food allergies. If you want to introduce any food at 6 months, start with pap and not semo.

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