Which formula milk is best for baby to gain weight? Best formula milk for baby 0-6 months in Nigeria and South Africa.Best formula milk for babies to gain weight in South Africa.. best formula milk for baby 0-6 months philippines….



You see all these baby formula, Aptamil, emfamil, SMA gold (these are the ones I used on my baby) I think it’s overrated.

When I gave birth to my baby I did ashawo milk ehhh🤣🤣🤣, while changing this milk my hubby never complained, you know as a first time dad😂😂😄, any one I told him to buy he buys it.

I just wanted my baby to be very healthy and fleshy.😉

I first used Nan, then switched to Aptamil.

Aptamil is a foreign milk but it didn’t do much on my baby when it comes to adding weight… I use it up to 4 containers, then i told oga to buy SMA Gold. Then I used big seize of SMA….

This was how I switched to different types of milk while breastfeeding…

I started doing some research then found out a lot😁

While at it I changed to emfamil, then MY BOY which was my last bus stop!! 😂

Which formula milk is best for baby to gain weight?
Which formula milk is best for baby to gain weight?

You see all these expensive milk is overrated and a lot of people buy it so it will be that their baby is using an expensive milk.

If you ask me, you see LACTOGEN and MY BOY? They are very good and does more than all these expensive milk especially when it comes to adding weight.

While using MY BOY with lots of baby meal I found out in my research my baby started adding weight.

When she was 6months, I gave her lots of fruits and veggies like

Avacado pear
English pear
Butter nuts
Apples(red ones)

Then added
Green peas
Plantain etc when she was 9months.

All these I blend them and add baby milk to all except PLANTAIN, then mixed to desired consistency suitable for my baby to swallow and digest.

I also gave friso gold (which I will use in all my baby cause it’s very nice)

I don’t give the same food through out a day. For instance : if I give avacado in the morning , I give, butternuts for lunch, then pumpkin for dinner. (but for me I feed 4times or sometimes 5times a day)

In less than 5months I went to the hospital for a pediatrician to examine my baby, after checking her weight everybody was flabbergasted.

The nurses and mothers who came for a check up with their baby started asking what are you giving your baby she’s soo healthy… I told them. Some of them that was using Aptamil and the likes said the would quit and start using my boy🤣🤣 and the fruits I use.

While in the doctors office, he asked me what I was giving my baby. While telling him, he was busy nodding he head🤣🤣. He ended up saying ” THAT’S GOOD!! KEEP IT Up, YOUR BABY IS HEALTHY! 🤣 🤣 🤣.

My baby added weight to the extent that the nurses where advising to reduce what I was giving her as well how many times I feed her in a day😂😂.

@10months madam was weighing 11kg to 12. Before she fell ill on her 1year birthday that made her lose weight. My mom and siblings said it’s good so she could walk😂🤣🤣.

My baby was sick when she took her 1year photoshoot, but you wouldn’t know cause she’s a strong child💪😊😁…

Her pediatrician said she eats healthy food that’s why the fever she had then didn’t affect her that much.

When I tell people that my baby only did take pap that much they think I’m lying 😂🤣.

What I’m saying n essence is instead of thinking 🤔 on how to save money to buy those expensive milk or put oga into expenses he isn’t ready for because you want to buy expensive milk some of these women online says the use on their baby why not just go for MY BOY and save some cash cause it’s very good.

Aptamil as if the. Was 7500, SMA GOLD 6100 while MY Boy isn’t up to 3000 ( have forgotten the price though and don’t want to give a false detail)

Then check how much you will save 😂😂🤣🤣. With fruits and veggies with MY Boy your baby will be healthy and chubby… Please don’t forget to feed more than twice a day.

As for me, it’s MY BOY till tomorrow!!

©Mommy k


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