Can i add egg to my baby pap?

Of course you can add egg to your baby’s pap… But do not add raw egg…..I mean you can mix egg with your baby’s pap (akamu or ogi) before making it with hot water but on no account should you add raw egg to the pap before feeding your baby with it. I beg you….

You want to know how to mix egg with you baby’s pap? It is easy…

Take the raw pap, add clean water and mix very well. Then take a good raw egg, break it on a separate bowl, mix very well until the yolk dissolves. Then pour the raw egg on the raw pap and mix very well. Now, you can go ahead to make the pap, the akamu will smell egg of course but you know it is cooked. Go ahead to add sugar and/milk to the egg-pap combo and give your baby.

Can i add egg to my baby pap?
Can i add egg to my baby pap? Yes but not raw eggs

Adding egg to your baby pap is good because it makes it more proteinous and adds more calories. Pap + egg + milk is very good for weight gain in babies. It makes your baby fresh and well nourished.

There is a reason you should never give your baby raw eggs. I don’t want to know whether they are pasteurized or not. Raw or undercooked eggs is a source of salmonella, a bacteria responsible for food poisoning. Raw eggs to babies can cause salmonellosis with associated explosive diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, fever, dehydration and even death.

You can add egg to your baby’s pap but it should never be raw egg… Make the egg alongside the egg until it is well cooked.

Also, you can add crayfish, sugar, palm oil, groundnut, milk, soyabeans, ground fish, ginger, garlic, etc to your babies pap or akamu. Don’t add honey to your baby’s pap though…it can cause botulism.

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